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New Orleans Parking Permits

By Jeremy
July 9th, 2008 - 7:50 AM

There is no place in the world like New Orleans, LA.  Where else can you find Cajun cooking, Mardi Gras, and several major universities – only in the Big Easy. What a great place to live!

If you've lived in, or even just visited New Orleans, you probably know that parking can sometimes be a challenge.  Part of the New Orleans charm comes from the beautiful historic presence that is seen in its classical architecture, "old timey" feel and narrow, building-lined streets. Although the layout makes for a beautiful city, it may not be very practical when you're trying to move.

Because the New Orleans historic district is lined with beautiful live oak trees, maneuvering moving trucks into the area is difficult, if not impossible.  The low lying tree limbs, narrow city roads and local parking regulations make it difficult for large trucks/trailers to travel through the city roads.  In fact, there are parts of New Orleans where ABF U-Pack is not able to provide trailer or ReloCube service and there are some areas where we can only provide service on certain days of the week.

If you're planning to have any type of moving equipment parked on the street, we suggest that you contact your local police station and/or city hall to inquire about parking restrictions in your area.  If you are in doubt whether we can provide service to your door in New Orleans, feel free to give us a call.  If door delivery is not an option because of the location of your home, you can save money by loading/unloading at our New Orleans ABF Service Center.