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Moving to New Orleans

January 2nd, 2017 - 2:43 PM

How to move to the Big Easy

If you’ve decided to move to New Orleans, you’ve made a tremendous decision. Live music on every corner, tantalizing Cajun food and deep southern accents are just part of the appeal. You could make list after list of entertaining things to do including musical concerts, sporting events and, of course, frequent celebrity sightings. You’re in for a great time! Once you get there, you’ll love it — but getting there can sometimes be a bit tricky. To make it easier, we’ve gathered some helpful facts and how-to’s.  

Moving to New Orleans

Moving to New Orleans with U-Pack 

There are two equipment options available for people moving to New Orleans with U-Pack®: a moving trailer and ReloCube containers. Where you’re moving into or out of (and how much room there is for parking), will help determine which equipment type you need. Let’s take a closer look:


Moving trailers are a great way to get your furniture to your new place — they offer flexible space options and convenient loading! Since the trailers we use are only half the length of a semi-truck (only 28’), they fit into an average driveway and have better accessibility into the city’s sometimes-small streets. The U-Pack drivers in NOLA are from in and around the city, so they’re “local drivers.”  This means that they are used to the city’s roadways and if a trailer can be delivered to your house, they can get it there. 

As a general rule, U-Pack gives three business days to load the trailer.  However, some areas of New Orleans are tight on space.  In these cases, we can get your trailer picked up much sooner.  One business day’s turnaround is no problem for a delivery and pick up.  If that’s still too much time to leave the trailer parked, talk to a U-Pack consultant about your address and let them check on a possible live load or same-day load or unload. Just have your address and zip code ready and we’ll check on parking options. 


The ReloCube is a moving container that is small enough to fit into one parking spot — making it great for apartments, flats and other small living spaces.  A U-Pack driver will come to your area of the city with a flatbed trailer for delivery, and offload the ReloCube with a forklift.  One Cube is suitable for a one-bedroom apartment, but you can have multiple containers delivered if you need more space.

Do you offer loading or unloading help?

New Orleans is known for warm temperatures and high humidity.  That can make loading or unloading your belongings a daunting task, especially if you have stairs to maneuver.  If you would like some help, we’ve got you covered!  We have several labor options, so ask your U-Pack consultant about what’s available in your area.  Moving crews can come for just a couple hours to get the heavy things taken care of, or they can come and stay all day — whichever works best for you! 

What if I’m moving to an area that’s too small for moving equipment?

Our drivers have encountered some areas of the city that are too tight for the truck delivering the moving trailer or ReloCube.  But not to worry, you still have options.  The most common is for your items to be unloaded at our service center in NOLA. You’re welcome to take care of that on your own — lots of people do — and save yourself some money in the process.  Or do you remember those loaders we talked about?  They can help you get your things to your new place via a smaller truck.  Contact a U-Pack representative and request a quote for both of the above options. 

What about historical districts?

Part of the appeal of New Orleans is its rich history.  French fur trappers and explorers made their appearance in the 1690s and started trading with the Native Americans who had already lived in the area for centuries.  The current residential streets in the area don’t date quite that far back, but there are some places that were not originally made for modern traffic. Getting moving trailers or even ReloCubes into these areas is sometimes not allowed, as preserving the original infrastructure and building support is carefully guarded.  If you’re moving into or out of one of these areas, a U-Pack representative can get you a quote for unloading at our nearby service center. 

Can you help me move out of New Orleans?

Indeed, we can!  U-Pack has a lot of flexibility in a city like NOLA, so getting you moved from there to your new place should be a cinch.  Contact a U-Pack representative to get an affordable quote. 

Is moving to New Orleans really a good idea?

It sure is!  With a strong economy, a warm climate and many things to do, the “Crescent City” is a great place to live.  Plus, you won’t find macaroons quite so delicious in any other city outside of Paris.  Get a quote online or call U-Pack to get rates for your move, and we’ll take it from there.  Let us handle your move to the city, and you just worry about enjoying it when you get there.