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Motorcycle Shipping

By Derek
May 13th, 2008 - 9:06 AM

Shipping Motorcycles and Other Outdoor Equipment

When we think about moving, most of us think about packing the things inside the house and oftentimes forget about the things we keep outside … and in the garage ... If you've got a lawnmower, weed eater, hedge trimmer, leaf blower or snow blower … make sure you plan on how you're going to pack and load them.  If any of these items are gasoline powered, you'll want to drain the fuel before you load them … otherwise, you run the risk of gas leaking onto your items or, at the very least, your stuff smelling like gas.  And don't forget – it also makes your shipment flammable. For the safety of your items, other items that may be on the same trailer and ABF's drivers and equipment, we require that the fuel be removed.

People often ask about shipping motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs … Not a problem with U-Pack!  Just remember to take care of draining the flammable fluids. Take a look at our shipping motorcycles page to learn more about the best way to safely ship your motorcycle!