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Commonly Asked Questions when Moving to Columbus, OH

October 4th, 2012 - 1:14 PM

Columbus is a great Midwestern city. Great economy, interesting neighborhoods, fun college atmosphere, and great events – Columbus has it all! As you prepare for moving to Columbus, OH, you’ll find there is so much to learn about your new hometown. The “Discovery City” is a place where we move many of our customers, so we’ve done the research for you! Take a look at some things you’ll need to know when moving to Columbus!

How much does it cost to move to Columbus?

Your move cost depends on a few factors, including where you’re moving from and when you’re moving. But the biggest factor for determining your cost is what type of moving service you choose. If a rental truck is part of your plan, don’t forget to factor in the additional cost of fuel. However, for the biggest savings, you can save time and stress by checking out the cost of moving with U-Pack. With U-Pack, you pack and load your stuff, but then U-Pack delivers your belongings right to your door in Columbus. And with U-Pack, you never have to drive or pay for gas! You can get a free moving quote to determine your moving cost based on your specific move.

What are the driving laws in Columbus?

Columbus driving laws require you to wear a seat belt at all times. Columbus has a ban on texting while driving for all drivers. Drivers under 18 are banned from cell phone use.

What are the motorcycle helmet laws in Columbus?

Columbus requires drivers 17 and younger to wear a helmet. Otherwise, there are no helmet restrictions. If you are moving to Columbus with a motorcycle, you can move your motorcycle with your U-Pack shipment!

What are the child safety restraint laws in Columbus?

Kids who are under 4 years old or less than 40 pounds must be in a child safety seat that is appropriate for their age and weight. Children under 8 (unless they are at least 4’ 9” tall) must be restrained in a booster seat. All children must be buckled.

What is the sales tax in Columbus?

Columbus and the surrounding suburbs are located in three different counties, each having different tax structures. When in Franklin and Delaware counties, there is a 6.75% sales tax, and 6.5% sales tax in Fairfield county.

How do I register my vehicle in Columbus?

Before registering a vehicle in Columbus, you must first have it inspected. You can have this done at any deputy registrar license agency or at some car dealerships (call ahead to make sure). Inspections take only around five minutes, so you should in and out quickly. They’ll just verify the make, model, body type and manufacturer’s serial number or VIN.

Now, to register your vehicle, just go to any county Clerk of Courts Title Office. If your vehicle has two owners, you both need to be present (or bring a “Power or Attorney Certificate of Title” and a “Power of Attorney for Vehicle Registration” with you). After you’ve gotten your vehicle inspected and registered, head to the license agency for new license plates, and you’re all done (until time for the next renewal). The license agency will collect registration fees. For more information, check out the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles New Ohio Resident Information.

How do I get my driver’s license in Columbus?

Once you become an Ohio resident, you’ll need to get an Ohio driver’s license within 30 days (you’re considered a resident once you start a job, buy a home, register to vote, sign a lease, enroll children in school). The majority of new residents with a valid out-of-state license will not have to take the driving test, put it is possible. Simply visit the closest Driver Examination Station for a knowledge test and vision screening (you can study the Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws to familiarize yourself with local laws). Just bring with you proof of your full legal name, date of birth, Social Security number, proof of status (birth certificate, passport, naturalization papers, etc.), and proof of residency. For more information, check out the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles New Ohio Resident Information.

What are the best neighborhoods in Columbus?

Columbus has many neighborhoods and suburbs, so you really should visit and take a look around to find the best one for you. Some factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood are commute time, educational needs of your family, and budget. Some residential neighborhoods that are popular are German Village, Old Towne East, and Clintonville. German Village is full of older, well-crafted, higher-end homes. Old Towne East is close to Downtown and is a diverse, revitalized neighborhood with plenty of access to pedestrian walkways. Clintonville is a great locale for families with tree-lined streets and nice homes.

What are the utility providers in Columbus?

Let’s break it down by different types of Columbus utility providers. Of course, service will depend on what area you move to, but here’s some information to get you started.

  • Electric and natural gas providers in Columbus: American Electric Power
  • Local telephone providers in Columbus: AT&T, CenturyTel, Cox Communications, Windstream
  • Water providers in Columbus: Columbus Water
  • Solid waste management: City of Columbus
  • Cell service in Columbus: Cricket, T-Mobile, ATT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Revol
  • Cable/satellite providers in Columbus: DirecTV, Dish, Time Warner, Comcast
  • Internet service providers in Columbus: Various cable and cell phone providers provide internet service around the Columbus area.

What is the weather like in Columbus, CO?

The weather in Columbus is varied. After moving to Columbus, you will experience winter snow, thunderstorms, and the occasional tornado. Nothing boring about Columbus weather! But don’t fret, the weather isn’t always severe. In fact, most of the time, it’s fairly mild. Summer highs average in the high 80s/low 90s and winter temps average in the 30s. You will have about 30 snowy days living in Columbus, so be sure and pack the winter coat and sled for some winter fun!

Do you have any other questions about moving to Columbus? Leave us a comment and we will try our best to help you find the answer!  Don’t forget to get your free moving quote from U-Pack to start your moving process! Enjoy your new life in Columbus, OH!