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Are you moving from Denver, CO?

October 16th, 2013 - 3:47 PM

Questions Frequently Asked About Moving From Denver

Did you know that around 40 million people in the U.S. move every single year? If you’re adding to that statistic this year with a move from Denver, the information that follows should help make the transition much, much easier.  

What do I do first?

The very first thing on your moving agenda is to start getting quotes. You’ve got several options, in several different budget ranges. We recommend starting with a free moving quote from U-Pack. It’s a low-cost “you pack, we drive” service designed to make moving easy and affordable.

What kind of moving company can I get for my money?

As you know, the option you go with depends a lot on your moving budget. If you have unlimited funds (or at least a larger budget), you may be able to go the full-service route and get everything done for you. But, if you’re like the majority of Americans, and you need an option that offers convenience at a lower price, a service like U-Pack—where you pack and load, and we do the driving—is a great choice.

How much does moving from Denver cost?

You can get a free moving quote here (there’s no obligation). The price includes transportation costs like the driver, fuel, highway tolls, etc.

When is the best time to move from Denver?

Similar to hotels and airlines, the moving industry has peak- and off-peak moving days. If you have some flexibility, consider moving on a weekday at the beginning of the month. Another tip—avoid moving in the days prior to or just following major holidays.

How much should I take with me?

When you move less, you pay less. So it’s wise to move only the things that you want and need. Before you start packing, consider hosting a garage sale or donating to get rid of some of the things in the “sell” or “donate” pile.

What are the things I “must do” before leaving Denver?

  • Let friends know you’re moving. It’s easy to do it online with an address change e-card.
  • Let the USPS know you’re moving. You don’t want to miss out on important letters, bills, or notifications, so visit the postal service online, or swing by and pick up a change of address form.
  • Order boxes and moving supplies early. You’ll need them to start packing!
  • Call the utility offices to schedule disconnection in your old home (we recommend a disconnect date that is a day or two after your move out day).
  • Call the utility offices to schedule connection of your utilities in your new home (if possible, we recommend having them turned on the day before you move in).
  • Return anything that’s borrowed or rented, and pick up things you’ve loaned out (don’t forget dry cleaning!)
  • Study U-Pack’s packing tips to help ensure a successful move.
  • Get family medical, pharmaceutical and dental records to transfer to your new doctor, pharmacy and dentist
  • Get your pet’s medical records to transfer to your new vet.
  • Transfer transcripts for any students in your home who are also moving.
  • Use U-Pack’s moving checklist to stay on-task before, during, and after your move!

I’m moving from an apartment in Denver. Do I need to do anything different than someone moving from a house?

First, your landlord may have specific tasks for you to complete before you can get your deposit back. Make sure you don’t miss one, as getting your deposit back means extra cash that could assist in your moving cost!

As you know, space can be limited in an apartment complex. The U-Pack ReloCube is a perfect solution. It’s a 6’ x 7’ x 8’ moving container that sits flat on the ground for easy loading and unloading – and it fits perfectly into a standard-size parking space. It can hold about one room of furnishings. If you need more than one, reserve them. You only pay for the ones you actually use. Before moving day, just check with your landlord to determine the best place to deliver them on moving day.

What’s the best way to move from Denver?

The best way to move is U-Pack® Moving!

With U-Pack, you do the loading and unloading, and U-Pack does the driving! Here’s how it works:

  • A moving trailer or moving container (you choose) is delivered to your home in Denver.
  • You load.
  • We pick it up and deliver it to your new home.
  • You unload.

Get a free moving quote from U-Pack to start comparing your moving options today!