Why is my bill different from my quote?

If the final bill differs from the quoted price, it’s typically because the shipment took up more space than was originally quoted. Moving trailer prices are based on the linear footage your belongings take up and ReloCube® prices are based on the number of Cubes used.  

Here are other things that could affect your price:  

  • Changing the move date 

  • Changing the locations you’re moving to and/or from 

  • The trailer or ReloCube is cited a parking fine or is towed while in your possession 

  • You keep the equipment longer than the allotted loading time or do not take delivery of the equipment for unloading within the allotted time (detention and storage accrues at $50/day per ReloCube and $250/day per trailer) 

  • You fail to return the ramp to the local service center on time 

  • You load the ramp behind the bulkhead wall with your belongings 

  • You do not provide the Invasive Species Checklist, which is required for shipments moving into some states, resulting in delayed transportation 

  • Your items are banned/seized by Canadian/U.S. Customs 

  • You cancel within seven days of your move date 

  • You or a representative you designate are not present to sign for the equipment, requiring re-delivery 

  • You leave trash or boxes in the equipment after your move is complete 

  • You’re moving to Canada, Hawaii or Puerto Rico. Canada moves require a customs fee, Hawaii moves require an offshore tax and admin fee, and an offshore tax applies to Puerto Rico moves. These will be applied to your Bill of lading, but are not listed on the quote 

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