What does U-Pack® do?

U-Pack is a non-traditional self-move service. We bring a moving trailer or container to your home, you load it, and we deliver it to your new home. Your price is based on the linear footage you use in a moving trailer or the number of ReloCube® containers you need. You can also customize a move with services like storage and loading help. 

You Pack.
Take control of your move from the start by packing exactly how you want! No waiting for a crew, and no wasting time packing items you don’t need. The best part? The ability to pack your own things can help you save money! The less space you use, the more you save.  

We Drop Off.
Set up your drop-off date, and arrange for safe, legal parking. We’ll bring the moving trailer or ReloCube® container(s) to your home, apartment or storage facility. Just have someone sign for the equipment, and we’ll leave it to you!

You Load.
Place your items in the moving equipment and secure them for transit. You get up to three business days, so no need to rush. Need help with this part? We’ve got you covered. Give us a call, and we’ll refer you to experienced crews in your area. Talk about easy!

We Drive.
Let us know when you’re finished loading, and we’ll come get the equipment. No need to stick around — you won’t need to sign at pick-up. You’re free to start traveling to your new home. Stop when you like and get a good night’s sleep. Your belongings are in good hands.

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