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ABF U-Pack Moving - Take the guesswork out of moving. With the U-Pack Guarantee you know the exact day your shipment will arrive.

Friday, May 20 2011

Your U-Pack quote is based on estimated transit times, it's just one of the ways that U-Pack saves you money, by moving your shipment through our nationwide system on a standardized schedule.

You can check your estimated transit time by clicking on the link in your quote or asking your moving coordinator. Your equipment will be dropped off at your residence on your requested date.

The origin drop off date is always guaranteed. You will receive an estimated transit time to your destination. You can track your shipment online or by phone to determine its arrival more specifically.

Now this works great for most moves, especially if you need a few days to settle in. But what if you need your shipment sooner on a more specific day or a more specific time? Not a problem. U-Pack guaranteed. On time. Every time. Guaranteed. Now it costs a little more, but if timing is a big concern, then it's the way to go. It comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

That means that you're compensated if your shipment doesn't arrive as scheduled. And that's why we call it U-Pack guaranteed, because it has a guarantee. I know catchy, huh.