U-Pack Migration Trends: Where Are People Moving?

Fort Smith, Arkansas (January 26, 2012) —

Considering the rapid pace that U.S. citizens change their careers, homes, and lifestyles, it comes as no surprise that thousands of people find themselves moving their household goods each year. But where are people moving? ABF U-Pack has produced a U-Pack Moving Trends in 2011">migration trends infographic to illustrate the moving patterns of tens of thousands of relocations handled by the company in 2011.

One of the most interesting stats released by U-Pack">ABF U-Pack relates to the individual states that have the most people moving in and out of their borders. California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona were among the top five for both inbound and outbound move volume. More than a third of all U-Pack moves in 2011 were related to at least one of these four states. The graphic displays the percentage of moves conducted by U-Pack to and from each state.

While the infographic answers the question, "Where are people moving?", it also reveals when they're moving. Nine out of the ten busiest moving days of the year occurred in the summertime between the months of June and August.

With interest in the economy rising—typical of an election year—U-Pack recognized the lack of relocation statistics that are easy to interpret. "Releasing migration trends in an infographic is a great way to clearly share information," said Kay Lynn Clay, U-Pack Director of Marketing and Communications. "Users can pass along interesting facts and figures to friends or colleagues without wading through pages of bulky data." A second infographic produced by U-Pack last month details how moving companies are changing the U.S. landscape.

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Contact information:
Kay Lynn Clay
Director of Marketing and Communications