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Door-to-Door Moving and Storage

Delivery right to your door

When you need a low-cost moving solution that doesn’t involve dropping off and picking up a rented truck, U-Pack® is the answer. Get delivery right to your door, at prices that compare to truck rental.

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How U-Pack door-to-door moving works

  • We deliver a moving trailer or ReloCube to the location of your choice
  • Take up to 3 business days to load
  • We’ll deliver right to the door at your new place
  • Take up to 3 business days to unload

It's easy and affordable. And, it's the reason U-Pack is one of the nation's top choices for long distance door-to-door moving.

Unsure whether the equipment will fit in your driveway or parking lot? Check out parking requirements for the trailer and ReloCube, or call 877-453-7274 to speak with a helpful U-Pack Moving Consultant.

There's a lot to like about moving door-to-door with U-Pack

  • Pay only for the space you use
    Trailer move prices are based on the linear footage your shipment occupies in the trailer. And you only pay for the space you use, regardless of how much you reserve. ReloCube prices are based on the number of Cubes you use, regardless of how many you reserve. Check out the Moving Space Estimators to see how much space you'll need to move.
  • No extra charges for fuel, taxes, or the driver
    It's all included in the price.
  • No down payment
    Simply wait to pay after your belongings are loaded and you know exactly how much space you've used.
  • No co-mingled or transferred shipments
    U-Pack moves only one household shipment per trailer. Your belongings stay loaded behind the secure divider wall until delivered to the door at your destination.

Simple and reliable; that's how door-to-door moving should be. Call or click today for a free moving quote.

Door-to-door storage options

If you’re not ready for delivery right away, U-Pack offers a convenient door-to-door storage option. Just load your belongings into a ReloCube or trailer, and we’ll store it at a secure service center until you’re ready for delivery. U-Pack door-to-door storage removes the need to load and unload multiple times at a traditional storage facility.

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