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Door-to-Door Moving and Storage

Delivery Right to Your Door

When you need a low-cost moving solution that doesn’t involve dropping off and picking up a rental truck, U-Pack® is the answer. Get delivery right to your door, at prices that compare to truck rental.  Our service was designed to be easy and fast, so you can get settled quickly. Find out what makes U-Pack the best choice for door-to-door moving.

How U-Pack does door-to-door moving

  • Start by choosing your equipment type: either a moving trailer or ReloCube container(s)
  • Select the move date, and we’ll deliver the equipment to your home
  • Take up to 3 business days to load
  • We pick it up and drive it to your new place
  • Take up to 3 business days to unload

Simple and reliable; that’s how door-to-door moving should be. But that’s not all there is to love about our service:


You only pay for the space you use, regardless of how much you reserve. We base trailer move prices on the linear footage your shipment takes up in the trailer. And ReloCube prices are based on the number of Cubes you use. There are no extra charges for fuel, taxes or the driver — it’s all included in the price.


There’s no co-mingling or transferring. Your belongings stay put until we deliver to your destination. And there’s one household shipment per trailer. Any space you don’t use is used to ship commercial goods moving in the same direction. Trailers are equipped with secure divider walls (most are lockable), and you can put your own lock on your ReloCube and keep the key.


With U-Pack, you can create a move that meets your needs. Choose your equipment type, the move date, and then add other moving services. If you need assistance loading or unloading, we can refer you to local crews. Or if you need delivery on a specific day, we offer Guaranteed Transit. A moving consultant can help you select the best options for your move.

Want to add storage?

If you’re not ready for delivery right away, U-Pack offers convenient door-to-door storage options. Just load your belongings, then we’ll store the equipment at a secure service center until you’re ready for delivery. With U-Pack, there’s no need to load and unload multiple times (like at a traditional storage facility). Your items stay loaded in the equipment the entire time.

Ready to explore your options? Get an online moving quote or call 877-453-7274 to speak with a helpful moving consultant.