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College Moving Tips Video

Watch this video for some college moving tips.

Thursday, May 19 2011

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See what to do before heading to college

ReloCube containers are ideal for college moves: they’re easy to load, fit in a standard parking space, and hold a studio apartment’s worth of belongings. Watch this video from May 19, 2001 to learn more. And then get our most current info and checklists for moving to college.


Young adults venturing out on their own for the very first time and setting up shop in a college dorm usually opt to move themselves, but there is a tool that can make moving a cinch. It's the ReloCube.

Joining us now to demonstrate ReloCube 101 is Mark Burnett, he's with ABF U-Pack Moving. Mark, this is a cool concept. How early do we need to start thinking about getting one of these?

Well you know, as early as you can. With ABF U-Pack, we can give you a quote for up to 6 months in advance. So if you're a college student, you know you're going to be getting out of school in May. Let us know. We'll be happy to get you a ReloCube to store your things over the summer and move them back for you when you start over the fall. This is great because you don't have to worry about all your stuff being spread out in mom and dad's garage. This is going to be yours, yours to keep and use in it.

It's going to be cheaper as well because it's always in one central place and they don't have to worry about anyone disturbing it, right? Yeah that's exactly right. Once you get finished loading the ReloCube up, as you can see you can secure them any way you like. Let's go ahead and check it out inside here. We've got logistical posts up here. You can lace roping or strap bungee cords to secure your things in there. Once you're finished loading it, shut the doors, and put your own private lock on there. Until you're ready to receive it, we'll store it for you at our facility.

And what's neat about this is that it's not so huge that it's going to take up three or four parking spaces, right? That's exactly right. So if you have limited parking on a college campus or if you have an apartment complex that you're moving into or out of, it usually takes up a parking place so we can get it to you in and out.

Alright, now when I was going into college, I wanted to try to cut corners all the ways I could. This would be a great idea maybe to share it, maybe with another college student, right? Another thing too, just make sure that if you have something in there that you need to keep with you like a birth certificate or something, you don't pack that in there once it goes into storage, you keep that with you. That's a good idea.

Now also I can get one of these pretty quick without having to worry about a deposit, right? That's true. Another thing, if you're going to book early, you want to make sure that the company you're going with may not require a deposit. Because if things happen or things change you might get stuck with that, but ABF U-Pack doesn't require you to pay us anything up front. We just charge you for how many of these things you need.

Alright, now we've been talking about college students, but this is actually great for maybe winter storage or even summer storage. My wife and I, I probably have more clothes than them. This would be a great idea to just throw my stuff in there. We don't have to worry about it. It's packed away. It's going to be safe. Also it's not going to get damaged. That's exactly right, it's compact, it's convenient, it's water tight, it's just a great thing for a lot of different reasons. Alright really quick let's show, pretty simple too as far as the concept, of getting it you just put everything inside of the cube. Lock it down just like you would any kind of little storage unit there and lock it up and it is yours. And if you want more information on packing, moving, or other great moving tips, you can go to upack.com