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Reasons You Did Not Receive Your Quote

When you request a price quote from U-Pack, a response is sent to the e-mail address provided. However, some customers have experienced difficulties getting their price quote from U-Pack Moving.

The biggest obstacle is spam filters. Due to the war on spam, there is an increasing problem of legitimate e-mails not reaching the recipient's account. Often, the e-mails are being marked as spam and automatically deleted. In other cases, they are sent to designated spam folders or junk mail folders.

If you have requested a quote from U-Pack and did not receive a reply, the following solutions may help:

If you continue to have problems receiving your quote, you may call U-Pack anytime at 888-570-7422.

After Business Hours

If you have requested a quote during normal business hours, you should get a response within the hour. Otherwise, you can expect to be contacted the next business day. U-Pack business hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. - 8 p.m. CST.

Incorrect E-mail Address

Are you sure you provided your correct e-mail address? If you think you might have made an error please call 888-570-7422

Check your Junk Mail Folder

Check your junk mail folder or other folders that contain e-mails marked as spam (bulk, spam, etc). Your moving quote might be there. You can add a rule to allow our e-mails to come to your account inbox. Each e-mail system is different and you might have to contact technical support to help you with this issue. (U-Pack will probably not be the only online company for which you have to do this.)  

Add U-Pack as an Allowed E-mail Address

In many e-mail programs you can add a rule requesting that a specific e-mail not be filtered as spam. All initial quotes, resubmitted quotes, and replies from customer responses will come from a U-Pack representative whose e-mail address ends with Also, there are some keywords that are specific to the quote and not other spam messages, such as U-Pack Moving, moving estimate, linear foot. Here are a few help pages to show you how to add U-Pack to your friends list.

Privacy Policy

In this time of increased spamming U-Pack understands why you might have reservations about making changes to your e-mail system to accommodate communications with you. Please read U-Pack Moving's Privacy Policy to further understand U-Pack's stance and know that communications with you are only to conduct business for your upcoming move with U-Pack.