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The Price on Your Instant Quote

Reading your U-Pack quote is easy. Your price includes transportation from point A to point B in a 28 ft. moving trailer or a ReloCube. There's no additional charge for fuel, taxes or highway tolls; and there's no down-payment or deposit. Simply pay based on the space you use, but not until after you have completely loaded.

And here's another perk U-Pack customers love: you'll never have to worry about uncomfortable in-home estimates or high-pressure face-to-face sales. With U-Pack you can easily estimate the space you need with our helpful online space estimators, or by calling 800-355-1696 – a knowledgeable U-Pack moving coordinator will gladly help!




The Options You May See On Your Instant Moving Quote


Move in a trailer

It's the perfect solution for large moves, or when you need a little extra flexibility. The empty trailer is delivered to your location. Just load your belongings into the space you need, and only pay for the linear footage you use. Your instant moving quote includes a per-foot adjustment rate that's added or subtracted from your base price if you need more or less space. It's that easy!


Reserve a ReloCube or as many as you need

ReloCubes are the perfect solution for small moves or moves where parking is an issue. They're large enough to hold one room of furnishings, and small enough to fit easily into a standard-size parking space. Reserve one or as many as you need – in the end, you pay only for the Cubes you actually use!


Lower the cost of your move

Choose U-Pack's Terminal-to-Terminal moving option and save money on your move; it's a great solution for small moves. Just load and unload your belongings at the service center closest to your home and we'll provide the cross-country transportation.


Add storage

If you need to move out, but aren't ready to move in, U-Pack offers in-transit storage in the moving trailer or ReloCube. Just load it, and we'll store it until you're ready for delivery.


Get labor help

While a traditional U-Pack move includes transportation only, you can now add packing, loading and unloading help to make moving day even easier!


Guarantee your delivery day

There's extra comfort in knowing the exact day your belongings will arrive at your destination. Though U-Pack is known for fast transit times (average 2-5 business days), when you need to know the exact day of arrival, choose to guarantee, or expedite the estimated transit time included with your instant moving quote.


U-Pack offers the solutions you need to make moving easy and affordable. Get a free instant moving quote today, and see how much you can save!