Moving from Vancouver, WA to Los Angeles, CA

Moving to Los Angeles from Vancouver, WA

Are you headed down the West Coast from Vancouver, WA to Los Angeles? You’re sure to miss the cooler weather and the vibrant arts and cultural scene, but there is a lot to like about life in L.A.! See what to expect about your new city and see how a “you pack, we drive” company like U-Pack® can help you with your long-distance move.

Difference in weather

Say goodbye to all those rainy days! In Vancouver, the city gets a lot of rain — about 45 inches a year — but in L.A., rain is scarce. Los Angeles only sees rain about 35 days a year, with a total of about 17 inches of rainfall a year. Instead, L.A. gets plenty of sunshine and has dry, hot summers and cooler winters. During the winter, daytime temps hover around 70 degrees, while the nights see temps in the 40s. In the summer, you can expect temperatures between the 60s and the 80s, though there are days when it can get much hotter. 

Traveling in L.A.

If you’re planning to drive in L.A., be ready for some traffic and more congestion on your trips to and from work. According to a traffic study by GPS-mapping company TomTom, L.A. drivers spend about 45 minutes a day stuck in traffic. Take advantage of the quiet time by planning out your work day or your weekend, or by listening to your favorite playlist or podcast!

If driving isn’t your thing, L.A. has public transit options, as well. More than 1.2 million L.A. residents and visitors take advantage of the transportation options offered by L.A. Metro. The city also has plenty of ride-sharing options, as well as taxi service, to help you get around. 

Job market

The L.A. economy is robust and thriving. Obviously the film, television and entertainment industry is a driving force, but there are other job opportunities as well. Many L.A. residents work in public education, in local or federal government positions, retail, food service, utilities and public service, finance, transportation, law, the arts, and health care. 

Fun things to do in L.A.

If you’re looking for fun things to do, you’re in the right city! From hiking at the Malibu Creek State Park or the Bronson Canyon, to Dodger games at Dodger Stadium, to family-friendly activities at the Santa Monica Pier, the Hollywood Sign or the Kidspace Museum, L.A. has something for everyone. If you’re looking for good food, you’re in luck there, as well. Try the French Dip sandwich at Philippe’s, the tacos at Tacos 1986, or a burger from In-N-Out! Get your fries “animal style!” There’s so much to do and see in L.A., when you get settled in and find your family’s favorite spots, let us know! 

Getting to Los Angeles with U-Pack

Need help with your move? U-Pack® can help! With more than 230 service centers nationwide, we can quickly and affordably move you from Vancover to Los Angeles. To see how much your move will cost, get an instant quote online, or call us at 844-362-5303844-594-3077.