Moving from Vancouver, WA to Los Angeles, CA

Say ‘so long’ to the Pacific Northwest — a bright new adventure awaits!

Headed down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver, WA to Los Angeles? Leaving the cooler weather and the vibrant arts and cultural scene may be an adjustment, but there’s a lot to like about life in L.A.! See what you can expect from your new city and learn how U-Pack® can help you save money and time on your long-distance move.

Less rain, more sunshine

Vancouver gets a lot of rain — about 45 inches a year — but precipitation is scarce in L.A. Expect to see less than half that much (roughly 17 inches) in only about 35 days per year.

What you’ll get instead is plenty of sunshine and hot, dry summers and cooler winters. Winter daytime temps hover around 70 degrees and nighttime temps drop into the 40s. In the summer, highs range between the 60s and 80s, though there are days where it gets much hotter.

Pack lots of patience for navigating the city

One of the downsides of moving from a city of 171,000 to one of 4 million is gridlock. Be ready for some traffic and more congestion on your trips to and from work. According to a traffic study by GPS-mapping company TomTom, L.A. drivers spend about 45 minutes a day stuck in traffic (compared to 28 for Vancouver drivers). Use that time productively by planning out your workday or your weekend, or by listening to your favorite music playlist or podcast.

If driving isn’t your thing, L.A. has public transit options, as well. More than 1.4 million people use the Metro and the city has plenty of ride-sharing options, as well as taxi service, to help you get around.

The job market is healthy and diverse

While Vancouver benefits from a rapidly growing technology sector and a strong military presence, L.A. also enjoys a thriving economy. The film, television and entertainment industry is a well-known driving force, but the city offers other job opportunities as well. Many L.A. residents work in public education, local or federal government, retail, food service, utilities and public service, finance, transportation, law, the arts and health care.

Get outdoors and explore

If you find yourself missing Washington’s Mount Adams, Mount St. Helens and the Olympic Peninsula, have no fear. Here are some of L.A.’s outdoor gems, just waiting to be explored:

  • Take a day trip two hours east to bask in the tranquility of Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Paddleboard around Balboa Island in the Newport Beach harbor.
  • Hike to the summit of Mount Baldy (named for its lack of trees), the highest peak in L.A. County at 10,064 feet.
  • Hop on your bike and avoid the crush of sun-worshippers in favor of riding along beautiful, less crowded beaches like Manhattan, Hermosa and Redondo.
  • Drive famed Route 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway) just past Malibu to El Matador Beach and enjoy the stunning rock formations and beautiful tide pools.

Getting to Los Angeles from Vancouver with U-Pack

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