Moving from Tampa, FL to Raleigh, NC

Are you moving from Tampa, FL to Raleigh, NC?

Located in central North Carolina, Raleigh is not only the largest city in the state, but also one of the fastest growing cities in America! Several professionals make this their home, creating an upscale type of city with a high standard of living. You will not regret making the move from Tampa, FL to Raleigh, NC!

What will life hold after moving to Raleigh?

The following information will give you everything you need to know to see why making the move from Tampa, FL to Raleigh, NC will be the best decision you have ever made!

What is the climate like in Raleigh?

Raleigh experiences a climate with hot and humid summers, and cool damp winters. The average summer high is in the mid-90s, with the winter lows usually in the 40s. The area receives about 43 inches of rain each year, spread evenly throughout the year, and at least 5 inches of snowfall. Raleigh has a climate very similar to that of Tampa, however it goes through four different seasons, giving you a much more beautiful environment to live in.

What are the educational systems like in Raleigh?

The city of Raleigh is served by the Wake County Public School System, which has been praised by a wide variety of observers for creating a very well balanced education system by using income levels to assign school district areas. The school system operates over 160 schools, with several being built, and enrolls just under 150,000 students! There are several colleges and universities in the area including: North Carolina State University, Meredith College, Shaw University, and Strayer University.

Will I be able to entertain myself in Raleigh?

The city of Raleigh is not only the capital of North Carolina, but also the cultural and entertainment center of the state as well. The city is home to the largest fine arts district in the state, with a huge variety of performing arts represented, from large scale professional symphonies to garage bands. There is also a major downtown area with numerous local small businesses that provide hours upon hours of entertainment for visitors and locals alike. Raleigh is much bigger than Tampa, and offers much more than Tampa ever could! You will never be bored living in a city like Raleigh.

What is the economy in Raleigh like?

The city of Raleigh has a very diverse economy based on the banking/financial, electrical, food processing, and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the immense amount of diversification in Raleigh’s economy, the city has a very strong economy, which was hardly affected by the 2008 recession. The top employers in the city of Raleigh include: the State of North Carolina, WakeMed, Rex Hospital, Red Hat, Progress Energy, and Duke Raleigh Hospital. The average commuter in Raleigh has a commute time of anything between 20 to 25 minutes, much better than Tampa’s 30 to 35!

Welcome to beautiful Raleigh, NC!

Raleigh is an absolutely beautiful city in the heartland of North Carolina full of history, culture, and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States! You will absolutely love your new home in moving from Tampa to Raleigh! Learn more about U-Pack coverage area or get a quote online to start planning your move.