Moving from Tampa, FL to Pittsburgh, PA

So you’re thinking about moving from Tampa, FL to Pittsburgh, PA?

Florida is a great state in the American union. There is more than enough to recommend many of its cities, Tampa least of all. But when you start to compare just about any city to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, most towns are going to come up short. Pittsburgh is one of the most American of American cities. With a history that is synonymous with the country itself, Pittsburgh has more than enough to keep its citizens active for more than a lifetime. Tampa is a great place to visit, meanwhile, but it doesn’t quite have the unique qualities that help make up Pittsburgh. Let’s discuss just a few of those qualities that will have you wanting to move to Pittsburgh from Tampa.

What is the weather like in Pittsburgh?

Florida is a hot state. It’s known for humidity… for sweat, frizzy hair, and a lot of hot rain. Pittsburgh couldn’t be more different weather-wise from Tampa. Pittsburgh has a variety of different types of weather patterns. If you’re looking for a location that allows you to experience four distinctly different seasons, Pittsburgh is definitely the place for you. The most incredible sight for Tampa citizens will be the large amounts of snowfall that Pittsburgh enjoys every year. In fact, more than 40 inches of snow falls annually. This means that a winter wonderland and clear, cold temperatures are the norm during the winter months. This is in stark contrast to the winter months for Tampa, which retain much of the rain and humidity that the city experiences the entire rest of the year. Pittsburgh also has the advantages of fall and spring, too. The leaves change color in the autumn, and they bloom again perfectly in the spring. While hot temperatures do occasionally occur in Pittsburgh, most summers top out not much more than 80 degrees. Compared to the 90 degree (and hotter) days of Tampa, that’s a walk in the park.

How is the economy in Pittsburgh?

For many years, Pittsburgh was associated with the steel and electronics industries, but in recent times these sectors have declined in the city. As a result, Pittsburgh has had to adapt. Not only has it adapted, it has managed to thrive. Among the many different types of businesses one can find in the city are robotics, technology, health care, biomedical technology, tourism, nuclear engineering, education, finance and services. Pittsburgh has been named the second best town in the nation for intergenerational economic mobility. The top employer in the city is the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, which has close to 50,000 employees. Healthcare has a large foothold, as well, with around 116,000 jobs in the industry. Retail is also huge with a large amount of shopping malls found (more than 35) and shops in areas like Station Square, Squirrel Hill and Walnut Street. The University of Pittsburgh is a big employer, too, with over 10,000 employees. Among several Fortune 500 companies in Pittsburgh are PPG Industries, Heniz Company, U.S. Steel and PNC Financial Services. In addition, you can find American Eagle Outfitters, Bayer USA, and Allegheny Technologies are all headquartered in the town.

Culture in Pittsburgh

Entertainment is huge in Pittsburgh. There will never be a day that goes by that there isn’t some type of exciting activity going on in the city. Many of these events take place in the venue Heniz Hall for Performing Arts or the Benedum Center. Among the cultural touchstones are Pittsburgh Opera and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. In addition, the National Negro Opera Company was founded in the city, and there is a long history of blues, jazz and bluegrass music in the Pittsburgh heartbeat. There has been much movie production in the city, too, with the most advanced movie studio in the American east located in the city. Among other films, The Dark Knight Rises was shot in Pittsburgh.

Museums are prevalent in Pittsburgh, with such important places as the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Andy Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory, the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and the Frick Arts & Historical Center bringing in a lot of tourism traffic. Kennywood is a popular amusement park for Pittsburgh citizens, and the town also has a state-licensed casino, the River Casino, which is located next to the Ohio River.

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