Moving from Tampa, FL to Pittsburgh, PA

Swapping sun for steel? Prepare for life in a unique, progressive city 

Relocating from the warm, sunny Florida coast to woodsy Western Pennsylvania comes with some expected changes. But beyond the obvious differences from Tampa in climate and terrain, Pittsburgh may surprise you with all it has to offer. 

Read on to learn more about your soon-to-be hometown. Then, find out how to move from Tampa stress-free with a company that’s mastered the art of easy long-distance moving! 

Pittsburgh’s vibe isn’t Tampa’s, but times have changed 

While the Tampa Bay area has long been a vacation hotspot with a vibrant social and arts scene, Pittsburgh has undergone a bit of a facelift in recent years. 

Famous for its 20th century industrial heyday, Pittsburgh’s unofficial nickname is “The Steel City.” But since the last of its steel mills shut down in the early 1980s, the city has rebounded and steadily reinvented itself as a hub of technology and culture. More young people are moving here — and choosing to stay — because of job opportunities, affordable housing and the sense of community. 

What’s the workforce look like? 

Like Tampa, Pittsburgh has a thriving economy with a strong base in health care, education and tourism. Professionals in the fields of biomedical technology, nuclear engineering and financial services will also find opportunities up north. 

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center employs more than 90,000 people and nearly 14,000 people work at the University of Pittsburgh. Fortune 500 companies within the city include Heinz, U.S. Steel, PNC Financial Services and PPG Industries. Additionally, American Eagle Outfitters, Bayer USA and Allegheny Technologies each have headquarters in Pittsburgh. 

Experience seasonal weather — and lots of snow 

If you’ve had enough of Tampa’s humidity and are ready for some variety, you’ll find relief in Pittsburgh. It gets warm here in the summer, but typically not much more than 80 degrees. The four seasons make the rounds each year, complete with spring blooms and colorful fall foliage, while winter brings more than 40 inches of snow. 

Gephyrophobics, beware 

Gephyrophobia is the scientific term for the fear of driving over bridges. If you have this condition, it might be helpful to know that another unofficial Pittsburgh nickname is the “City of Bridges.” While the Tampa area has seven of them, including the picturesque Sunshine Skyway Bridge spanning the Lower Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh has 446 — more than any other city in the world! 

Complete your long-distance move with U-Pack 

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