Moving from Tampa, FL to East Los Angeles, CA

What to expect when moving from Tampa to East Los Angeles

A move from Tampa, FL to East Los Angeles, CA will definitely require some changes. First of all, this move will take you more than 2,500 miles across the country. You’ll be exchanging the humid subtropical climate in for a mild Mediterranean climate. However, while you may have to make some transitions, once you get comfortable in your new surroundings, you’re going to love the action packed cities and destinations surrounding you in East Los Angeles.

Jobs and education in East LA

East LA is an unincorporated area located immediately to the east of the great Los Angeles area and houses roughly 126,000 residents. Within the actual East LA region, you can expect to find employment in the public school system, the East Los Angeles College, Pan American Bank, and with other service related industries. However, East LA is a short commute from the larger metro area which offers an endless array of job options because down the road in LA you can try your hand at just about anything. With a strong economy under its belt, LA is served by industries like finance, fashion, entertainment, technology, petroleum, and tourism. Major companies include The Capital Group, Farmers Insurance Group, 20th Century Fox, United Online, Triton Media Group, and the University of Southern California. Living here means you reap the rewards of a smaller more intimate community coupled with the overwhelming variety of job options available in the big city.

What to do in East La

If you have made the decision to journey across the country and land in East Los Angeles, then you’ll probably want to know what you can do once you get there. East LA offers residents outdoor parks and play areas perfect for spending the day under the California sunshine. You can also get all the fresh foods you want at the East LA Farmers Market. When you’re up for a major adventure, just take a short drive to neighboring LA and check out the more than 800 museums, or take in a professional game with the Dodgers, Clippers, Lakers, or Kings. This is the entertainment capital of the U.S., so don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy performances by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, the Los Angeles Master Chorale, or the Los Angeles Opera at the extravagant Los Angeles Music Center.

East LA is the place to be

You won’t be disappointed with a move from Tamp to East Los Angeles because this area always has something new to discover. If you’re paying attention, you can find hidden gems all over the big city of LA from delectable diners to unique boutiques. This is a city that welcomes diversity and being different is the norm. You’re going to love exploring the area both indoors and outdoors where the sunshine always lights the way. Go ahead and move so you can see what’s waiting for you in East LA, Venice Beach, Hollywood, Pasadena, and the San Fernando Valley.

How to move from Tampa to East Los Angeles

The distance between your old and new hometown is over 2,500 miles – which is quite the distance to travel in a big rental truck. Not only will that take several days, but the fuel alone could cause you to go over your moving budget. Instead of truck rental, let U-Pack® handle your move. We’ll deliver your belongings right to your door (or unload at a service center) and prices compare to truck rental especially when you consider that fuel is included! Compare prices with a free moving quote from U-Pack