Moving from Tampa, FL to East Los Angeles, CA

From Atlantic to Pacific: Trading Tampa for East Los Angeles 

There’s no getting around it — moving 2,500 miles across the country is big task. Where to begin when planning your relocation from Tampa to East Los Angeles? 

Fortunately, there’s a company that specializes in efficient and affordable long-distance moves, so you don’t have to it on your own. Learn more about U-Pack® after getting a feel for your soon-to-be new hometown, East Los Angeles! 

Where exactly is East Los Angeles? 

East L.A. is an unincorporated area with about 122,000 residents located immediately to the east of the greater Los Angeles region. Neighboring communities include Alhambra, Boyle Heights, Commerce, El Sereno, Montebello, Monterey Park and Vernon. 

Dive into the East L.A. culture 

East L.A. is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It’s also 96 percent Latino, the highest percentage of any neighborhood in L.A. County. Community residents take pride in their hometown, protecting and continuing its vibrant history and traditions. Take time to explore local restaurants (and enjoy arguably the best tacos you’ve ever tasted), browse the unique stores, check out landmark locations like Mariachi Plaza and El Tepeyac Café, and cruise down iconic Whittier Boulevard. 

Employment opportunities in East L.A. 

Within the East L.A. region, top employers include the public school system, East Los Angeles College, Pan American Bank and other service-related industries. But with East L.A. being just a short commute from the larger metro area, there’s an endless array of additional job options available within a strong and diverse economy. L.A. is served by industries like tourism, entertainment, fashion, finance and petroleum.  

Housing is expensive, but reasonable for California 

Living in East L.A. (median home cost: $453,500) is significantly more expensive than Tampa. But, it’s somewhat less pricey than other surrounding L.A. areas and 10 percent lower than the California average.  

Enjoy that ideal Southern California weather

You’ll be heading from one sun-splashed location to another, only East L.A. gets far less rain and has lower humidity. Expect a pleasant, mild Mediterranean climate year-round in your new city.  

Allow plenty of time to navigate the area 

It’s no secret that traffic in L.A., no matter what section, is challenging — the average one-way commute in East L.A. takes just under 30 minutes. Metro trains and buses provide reliable public transportation. Taxis and rideshare services are also available. 

How to move from Tampa to East L.A. with U-Pack 

Driving a big rental truck across the country will take several days, with the fuel costs alone likely to eat up your budget. Instead of renting a truck, let U-Pack® handle your move. We’ll deliver your belongings right to your door (or unload at a service center to save even more). Our prices compare favorably to truck rental, especially when you consider that fuel is included! 

Contact one of our relocation specialists and compare prices with a free moving quote.