Moving from Tampa, FL to Denver, CO

Trek from Tampa to Denver for a breath of fresh air 

As you prepare to move from one of the southernmost parts of the U.S. to the middle of the majestic Rocky Mountains, find out what awaits — and learn about the easiest way to complete your long-distance relocation from Tampa to Denver. 

Going from clammy to brisk and other weather differences 

As you know, Tampa is located in one of the hottest, most humid areas of the nation. But you’ll be leaving that behind for Denver, where there are four distinct seasons to enjoy, and practically no humidity. Summer days rarely top 90 degrees and there’s typically a nice evening drop into the upper 60s. 

Plus, Denver has snow — lots of it. It’s not unusual for residents to experience a white Christmas! 

Education in Denver 

Denver can definitely be considered a “college town” based on the number of schools in the city. While Tampa does have a university and a community college, Denver boasts the University of Colorado-Denver, Regis University, the University of Denver and the Metropolitan State University of Colorado, among others. 

In addition, Denver has 157 public elementary, middle and high schools, along with 220 private schools. There are 76 Denver high schools recognized on the U.S. News & World Report Best High Schools rankings. 

Denver is a leader in green transportation 

Despite a large percentage of automobile commuters within the city, Denver has been progressive in its efforts to make bicycles a preferred mode of transportation. There are over 850 miles of paved and off-road bike paths available for use. 

The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Denver as being a “bicycle-friendly community,” illustrated by the B-Cycle program. This bicycle sharing network, which began with 400 bikes, has grown into the largest in the U.S. 

Discover landscapes like no others in Denver 

While Tampa is located near the ocean, Denver is proud of its aesthetics and works to preserve them. Citizens can take in their surroundings, in the shadow of the Rockies, with more than 200 parks within city limits. They include the 330-acre City Park and Red Rocks Park, which has an impressive and popular amphitheater than holds more than 9,000 people.  

Let U-Pack help with your long-distance move to Denver 

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