Moving from Tampa, FL to Denver, CO

So you’re thinking about moving from Tampa, FL to Denver, CO?

Cities don’t get much more beautiful that Denver, Colorado. The state itself is located right in the middle of the incredible Rocky Mountains, creating an atmosphere totally unique to anywhere else in the country. Tampa, Florida, meanwhile is located in one of the southern-most parts of the United States. Denver is exactly the kind of city that people looking to leave Tampa would find appealing. Let this article show just exactly why that is.          

What is the weather like in Denver?

Of course, the most obvious reason why Denver is preferable to Tampa is the weather. Tampa has the disadvantage of being in one of the hottest, most humid areas of the nation. Denver, meanwhile, has only occasional reached extreme temperatures, and even then it’s been with a decided lack of humidity. Summers do not usually find temperatures going over 90 degrees, and there is typically a nice drop into the upper-60s during the evening. The difference between the highs and lows is much less agreeable in Tampa, and their temperatures again come with a bothersome amount of humidity.

One thing you’ll never really get an opportunity to experience in Tampa is snow. Denver, meanwhile, has the type of winter every child dreams of. Every season, the beautiful landscape of Denver enjoys a covering of beautiful, fluffy, white snow. It is not unusual for residents to experience a white Christmas, in fact. Rainfall is not drastically different between Denver and Tampa, with Denver having over 50 inches each year, and Tampa having about 46 inches. What really separates Denver, though, not only from Tampa but also other U.S. cities, is its four distinct seasons. If you want to live through weather at its finest, Denver is the place for you.

Are the schools in Denver good?

There is very little to compare between the education systems available in Denver and in Tampa. While Tampa does have a university and a community college, Denver boasts the large University of Colorado Denver, Regis University, the University of Denver and the Metropolitan State University of Colorado. This is just to name a few of their higher education options. You could definitely call Denver a “college town” based on the number of schools it houses.

As far as primary schools go, the 73,000 students in the Denver school system are distributed across 73 different campuses in the city. Each provides the learning necessary on the road to a high school diploma and beyond.

Denver and Green Transportation

While cars dominate most cities in the United States these days, Denver is a forward-thinking location in the nation. It has both the people and the climate necessary to make a real difference in the world. While a healthy percentage of the city does spend their work commutes in a car, the city has made progressive efforts to make bicycles a preferred mode of transportation. With over 850 miles of both paved and off-road bike paths available for residents. The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Denver as being a Bicycle-Friendly Community, which is illustrated by the “B-Cycle.” This is a bicycle-sharing network that is the largest in the United States. When it began, there were already 400 bikes involved.

What are the landscapes like in Denver?

While Tampa does have the advantage of being located near the ocean, there really is no comparison when it comes to the beauty of Denver, Colorado. What makes it even better is how much the city appreciates its own aesthetics and works to preserve them. There are many different parks and paths throughout the city to help citizens take it all in. The city is also surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, as mentioned earlier, so there is really no end to the great views the town offers.

The City Park covers 330 acres of the town, and includes a boathouse, duck lakes, a zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. While it would seem a park of this size would be enough for any town, Denver is not one to be outdone. There are more than 200 different parks located in the city limits. There was a “City Beautiful Movement” across the nation near the turn of the 20th century that set the standard for Denver. This is when many of the city parks were initially established. One other interesting park in Denver is the Red Rocks Park, which has an impressive amphitheatre that holds more than 9,000 people.

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While Tampa may have its strong points, it really has no chance against Denver, Colorado, one of the most beautiful cities in America! Make your plans to move today!