Moving from Tampa, FL to Cleveland, OH

Finding your way to the Forest City from Tampa 

Get ready to experience coastal life, northern style. Cleveland is located in northeast Ohio, on the coast of Lake Erie. This bustling city may not have the white sand beaches and balmy conditions you’re used to in Tampa, but Cleveland definitely has a lot going for it. 

Check out this resource to discover some interesting facts about Cleveland, learn what to expect when you get there and find out how one industry-leading company takes the stress out of long-distance moving. 

About the weather in Cleveland: Yes, it gets cold  

If you’re a warm-weather person, relocating to Cleveland is going to be an adjustment. The city’s climate has elements of both the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. While the average summer high in Cleveland is in the mid-80s, winter lows dip into the 20s with a yearly blanket of 18 inches of snow. The erratic climate, however, doesn’t put a damper on recreational activities, festivals and nightlife entertainment. 

Cleveland has increased its investment in public schools 

The Cleveland Municipal School District operates the city’s public schools. It’s not only the largest school district in Ohio, but also the only one controlled by the city’s mayor. The school system has taken large leaps in recent years to match the performance levels of the local private and charter schools. Students in Cleveland are now surrounded by well-qualified teachers and have access to updated material. 

Growth has strengthened Cleveland’s economy 

The Cleveland Clinic, the centerpiece of a thriving health care sector, is the city’s top employer with more than 50,000 people. Cleveland has also become a major business center, and a large hub for manufacturing and product distribution.  

Clevelanders typically earn a lower annual salary than people in neighboring metro areas like Chicago, but that’s offset by the city’s lower cost of living. 

Your housing dollars go further here 

Cleveland’s average housing cost of $137,500 is less than Tampa’s ($214,258) and well below the national average ($233,000), making nice homes accessible even along the waterfront. If you’re renting in Cleveland, expect to pay around $800 per month. 

There’s lots to do when you want to get out and explore 

Ohio’s largest fine arts district is located in Cleveland, as well as a huge downtown that provides hours of entertainment. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Cleveland Browns Stadium are the centerpieces of many interesting waterfront attractions. 

Cleveland also has a vibrant dining scene. Get a taste of the Old World by visiting the Little Italy, Slavic Village and AsiaTown neighborhoods.  

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