Moving from Tampa, FL to Cleveland, OH

Are you moving from Tampa, FL to Cleveland, OH!

Cleveland is located in northern Ohio, on the coast of Lake Erie. The city has several nicknames including the “forest city” for the abundance of trees and greenery in the city, and the “rock and roll capitol of the world” being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You will definitely not regret making the move from Tampa, FL to Cleveland, OH!

What makes Cleveland, OH a better place to call home than Tampa, FL?
The following information will give you everything you need to know to see why making the move from Tampa, FL to Cleveland, OH will be the best decision you have ever made!

What is the weather like in Cleveland?

The city of Cleveland has a climate that has elements of both the Midwest and the Great Lakes regions. The average summer high in Cleveland is usually in the mid-80s, and the winter lows are usually in the 20s. Compared to Tampa, Cleveland has much cooler weather, especially with the climate created by Lake Erie, and you will be able to experience a yearly blanket of 18 inches of snow!

Moving from Tampa to Cleveland with kids?

The public schools in Cleveland are operated by the Cleveland Municipal School District, which is not only the largest school district in Ohio, but also the only one to be under the control of the city’s mayor. In recent years, the school system has taken large leaps to match the performance levels of the local private and charter schools. Now students in Cleveland will constantly be surrounded by well-qualified teachers, and updated school material.

How will I entertain myself in Cleveland?

The largest fine arts district in Ohio is located in Cleveland, as well as a huge downtown that provides hours of entertainment for visitors and locals alike. There is also a major sports scene in Cleveland, with at least one team supporting each of the branches of major sports divisions. There are also two stadiums in Cleveland that play host to sports events and concerts year round. You will never run out of things to do living in a city like Cleveland, OH!

How strong is the Cleveland economy?
Cleveland has become a major business center, and a huge center for manufacturing and product distribution. Due to the amount of businesses located in and around the city, and the nature of the city’s economy itself, Cleveland has several hundred thousand jobs available year round. The top employer in Cleveland is the Cleveland Clinic which employs well over 37,000 people. The majority of available jobs in Cleveland are industrial jobs, however there is a large sector of high-tech, and professional jobs available.

Congrats on your move from Tampa to Cleveland!

Cleveland is an amazing city to call home, and will give you a totally new way of life! You’ll love your new home after moving from Tampa to Cleveland!


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