Moving from Stamford, CT to Jersey City, NJ

Moving from Stamford, CT to Jersey City, NJ

Though you live so near it, you may not know much about Jersey City! While Stamford is just 30 minutes away from Manhattan, Jersey City lies across from Lower Manhattan; much closer. Located on a peninsula shared with Hoboken, Jersey City was once humming with industry, the origin of the railroads, a thriving factory city…but all of that is in the past. Today, Jersey City is known as the second-most populous city in New Jersey with 247, 597 residents, and is an important transportation terminus for the Port of New York and New Jersey, as well as a center for manufacturing and distribution. The city has undergone many transformations in its day, and they persist even today with the abundant sprouting of waterfront high-rises. “Wall Street West” is the moniker gained from back office attempts at business, but that’s Jersey City for you! Whatever happens in the future, you’ll never be too far from home!

The change from Stamford to Jersey City

  • As you are well aware, Stamford is but a mere hour away from Jersey City & doesn’t even break 50 miles! Keeping it local never hurt anyone, & no matter the job U-Pack can assist!
  • There are plenty of cities along the way from Stamford to Jersey City, including many you know. You’ve got time; try stopping in Greenwich, New Rochelle, the Bronx or Union City!
  • In Greenwich, peruse Bruce Museum of Arts and Science, or see the Mianus River Gorge! New Rochelle brings you deeper into New York, where you’ll find Thomas Paine Cottage!
  • The Bronx offers Bronx Zoo, one of the largest metropolitan zoos, as well as the New York Botanical Garden! Finally in Union City, welcome yourself to the state and look around!
  • Technically speaking, it’d be possible for you to ride a bike from Stamford to Jersey City! It would take close to five hours; but it’s an option! As for public transit, it’s two hours & 17 min!

Conditions in Jersey City

  • You can’t expect much to be different from Stamford in terms of weather in Jersey City! However, Jersey City lies in the divided climate area of Stamford’s transitional climate!
  • What does it all mean? Basically, it’s not as cold here; the more mild, temperate and subtropical tendencies of your home city are carried over in full to Jersey City! Rejoice!
  • Summers are relatively warm, with an average high temperature for July of 83 F. As for winter in Jersey City, expect average lows of 23 F for January & plenty snow!

Navigate Jersey City

  • It’s easy to just drive into Jersey City—parking, however, is another story. If you think the old station wagon will assist you most, always use roads leading to the Holland Tunnel!
  • After New York City, Jersey City has the highest percentage of public transit riders of any city, even beating D.C.! If you plan to join them, use PATH & avoid the arcane bus lines!
  • If you fancy cycling your way through life, a portion of the East Coast Greenway travels thru the city for your convenience! In addition, bike along the Hudson River Waterfront!

Learn from Jersey City

  • Jersey City Public Schools operates grades Pre-K through 12th, enrolling 34,505 students in 39 facilities! In addition, 12 charter & various private schools are located in the city!
  • New Jersey City University and Saint Peter’s University make their home in Jersey City’s West Side district. Additionally, Journal Square has Hudson County Community College!
  • Five regional branches, some with perks, operate out of Jersey City Free Public Library! For extra knowledge, visit the Jersey City Museum, Mana Contemporary, and many others!

Dine by design & more in Jersey City

  • Get ready to “turo-turo” at Fiesta Grill, where you can sisig and feast on Filipino cuisine-o! Seekers of old-school Italian seek no further, for Casa Dante comes bearing seafood salad!
  • Grand Sichuan is described as Americanized Chinese, serving a mean pork soup dumpling! It’s always crowded at the innovative Marco & Pepe; come early for premier comfort food!
  • Although not exactly known for its shopping scene (see Manhattan across the Bay), Jersey City can still deliver. Try Tia’s Place, Newport Mall, Ed’s Exchange or Dash Interiors!
  • Explore the charming Paulus Hook neighborhood, gaze upon the Colgate Clock, catch your breath along the Hudson Waterfront, take a ferry to Ellis Island or plan a daytrip to NYC!

Go ahead—begin moving from Stamford to Jersey City, “Wall Street West” today!

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