Moving from Stamford, CT to Houston, TX

Discover a fulfilling new life deep in the heart of Texas 

Moving from the relaxed suburb of Stamford to the sprawling metropolis of Houston will be an eye-opening experience. Few places can match the diversity and opportunities that are available in the country’s fourth-largest city. 

As you begin charting your course to Houston, dig in and learn more about your new hometown. We’ll also explain how partnering with the right moving company can make the relocation process easier than you think! 

What will you find after moving from Stamford to Houston? 

While Stamford has its charms, there’s a host of reasons why you may feel like the world is your oyster in Houston. Let’s explore just a few. 

A milder climate 

Do Stamford’s cold and snowy winters wear you down? If so, Houston will perk you right up! Leave the heavy coats and snow boots behind and enjoy average high temperatures in the low 60s with little to no snowfall. Hot Houston summers are surrounded by mild spring and fall temperatures, allowing you to enjoy more time outdoors. 

Top-flight educational opportunities 

Connecticut is the home of world-renown Yale University (located in New Haven, just 42 miles east of Stamford) and is perennially ranked among the most educated states in the U.S. Houston offers an array of solid education options as well. 

The Houston metro area has three Tier 1 universities: Rice University, the University of Houston and Texas A&M University in nearby College Station. For primary and secondary education, there are more than 60 school districts, dozens of state-approved charter schools and roughly 200 private schools within the nine-county greater metro area. The Houston Independent School District is the largest public school district in Texas and the seventh largest in the nation. 

A thriving economy 

Unlike Stamford, where the job market has slowly decreased, Houston continues to grow and thrive. Forbes has cited Houston as the No. 1 city for paycheck worth and the nation’s top city for employment creation. It’s also home to nearly two dozen Fortune 500 companies, more than 50 health care, education and research institutions, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center. 

A more affordable place to live 

It won’t take long to feel the financial relief that comes from relocating from Stamford to Houston. The median home cost is 57 percent less in Houston, utilities there are 26 percent lower than Stamford’s and the overall cost of living in Houston is 23 percent below Stamford. 

Follow the road to your new home with U-Pack 

Nearly 1,700 miles and 25 hours of driving separate Stamford and Houston. It’s hard to imagine making that move by yourself in a big rental truck, but with U-Pack®, you don’t have to. We have service centers for both cities so you can get affordable door-to-door service in less than a week! Just pack and load in Stamford, travel separately at your own pace and meet your belongings in Houston. 

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