Moving from Seattle, WA to San Francisco, CA

Experience the thrill of relocating from one vibrant city to another 

Seattle and San Francisco each rank within the top 15 on U.S. News and World Report’s Best Places to Live list, and for good reason. Both are hotspots for young, ambitious professionals that offer incredible opportunities for work and play, with a backdrop of stunning natural scenery. 

You’ve experienced Seattle, but what if you’re sizing up a move to San Francisco? This resource can help! Find out how the Emerald City compares to the City by the Bay and learn about an easy, affordable way to get there. 

Seattle vs. San Francisco: A snapshot of two population bases 

Seattle (708,000) and San Francisco (870,000) are close in size and are among the most densely populated U.S. cities. San Francisco’s growing job market and variety of cultural offerings have attracted new residents from around the world — particularly Asia — making it a more ethnically diverse city than Seattle. 

The technology sector is king, but not the only game in town 

Both cities offer diverse career opportunities. If you work in tech in Seattle, San Francisco is the place to be and a great location for professional networking. Large companies with a Bay Area presence include Facebook, Google, Amazon, Microsoft and LinkedIn. 

San Francisco also has a vibrant startup scene, reflecting the city’s strong spirit of entrepreneurship. New residents who work in finance, consulting and tourism will also find a need for their services. 

Prepare for similar temperatures with less rain 

While Seattle is cloudy about 200 days per year, it actually gets less rain than most major cities and has remarkable summers — mid-70s temperatures and sunny most days — with seasonal variety. San Francisco gets more sun than Seattle, but the fog obscures it in the late afternoons. Bay Area weather is more predictable with little seasonal variation. 

Enjoying the great outdoors  

While Seattle is cleaner, greener and surrounded by mountains, San Francisco is more densely packed with structures, giving it a European vibe.  

If you’re an outdoors enthusiast who enjoys Seattle’s proximity to multiple national parks, you’ll adapt well to San Francisco. Golden Gate Park is sprawling and scenic, and a great place for road biking. There’s a variety of terrain (trail, beach and road) and a collection of great hiking spots within a short distance. San Francisco weather is also conducive to enjoying outdoors activities for most of the year. 

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