Moving from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA

The City of Angels: A bigger, sunnier version of the Emerald City 

Moving from Seattle to one of the largest cities in the country is a big step but having the right help can make the process easier. Check out some important things to know about relocating from Seattle to Los Angeles, then learn about a unique service designed to save you time, money and hassle on your move. 

The cost of living isn’t much different 

Though Seattle (population: 700,000) is a fraction the size of L.A. (4 million), the two cities share the common challenge of housing availability. The steady influx of new residents to both cities creates competition, driving up the price for what’s available.  

Believe it or not, Seattle is slightly more expensive (by 3 percent) than L.A. The average home in Los Angeles costs about $599,700 compared to $605,200 in Seattle, while the average L.A. rent costs about $100 less than Seattle. As a result, suburbs are popular options in both cities. 

L.A. traffic: Seattle congestion on a much larger scale 

At 469 square miles, Los Angeles is five times geographically larger than Seattle — and like Seattle residents, Angelinos have an average commute time of 31 minutes. That means having a car is going to make your life much easier despite the city’s legendary traffic congestion.  

If you use the Sound Transit light-rail system to help offset Seattle’s traffic challenges, L.A. offers similar options. The Metro system services many main business hubs and attractions by rail and bus routes. 

Break free of cloudy days and soak up the sun 

Tired of persistent rain and cloud cover in Seattle? You’ll love L.A.’s picture-perfect weather. All those sunny days allow the beautiful palm trees to thrive and make it possible to visit beaches year-round. Although L.A. can get hotter than Seattle during the summer, extreme temperatures are rare in the city. 

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