Moving from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA

So you’re thinking about moving from Seattle, WA to Los Angeles, CA?

The West Coast of the United States is an interesting location for many different reasons. Perhaps most of all is the variety of different landscapes and climates it has to offer. No matter where you are positioned along the Pacific Ocean, there is something unique to see and experience. Perhaps the most interesting cities in this area of the country are Seattle, WA, and Los Angeles, CA. Seattle is known for being lush and rainy. Los Angeles is known for scenic views and sunshine. When it comes to an overall quality of living, Los Angeles is the clear winner of the race. This article will show you all the many reasons why that is the case.

What is the weather like in Los Angeles?

The biggest draw of moving out of Seattle and into Los Angeles is without a question the incredible weather that LA has to offer. Whereas Seattle often is cloudy, cold and riddled with precipitation, Los Angeles rarely has to settle with cloud-covered days. The beautiful palm trees spend much of their year basked in a warm glow of UV rays. Mild winters prevail in the City of Angels, and it is not unusual for the typical resident to make a trek to the beach in the middle of January. And even though Los Angeles can get hotter than Seattle during the summer months, extreme temperatures are rare in the city. Many of the homes in the city, especially those positioned closer to the ocean, do not even need air conditioning. The cool ocean breeze and lack of humidity keep things at a comfortable temperature all year long. For the individual who's looking to escape the confines of the indoors, LA is the place for you.

What are the demographics like in Los Angeles?

One of the other biggest differences between Seattle and Los Angeles is the amount of diversity found in LA. Seattle is a predominately Anglo-Saxon community, while Los Angeles has representation of people from all over the world, with whole sections of the town devoted to and celebrating its rich culture. As the second largest city in the United States, and a city that is recognized as a global force in the world economy, LA attracts a wide range of people from any number of backgrounds. In addition to its economic appeal, the celebrated weather also makes it a desirable alternative to many of Earth's harsher climates. One particularly different quality of Los Angeles is the number of non-natives in the city. Many people who live in the city often note that nobody is actually from Los Angeles.

Are the schools in Los Angeles good?

Being a city with literally millions of people, Los Angeles presents a wide variety of educational opportunities. Two of the most famous schools in the country are located within the city with the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA). These are just two of the higher education options, however. LA boasts a number of different theater, art, film and television academies, in particular, due to its strong ties with the entertainment industry. Perhaps the most famous of these is the American Film Institute (AFI), which has also been instrumental in establishing cinema as a cultural art form.

Besides collegiate education, the Los Angeles Unified School District also helps to educate somewhere near 800,000 students in the city. For parents looking to help their children is specialized skill sets, there are 162 different Magnet schools with tailored curriculums to choose from.

The Los Angeles Unified School District serves around 800,000 students, which includes 162 Magnet schools, or schools with specialized curriculums. In addition, the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts is maintained by Los Angeles County. There are many options in the realm of private schools, as well.

What is it about movies and Los Angeles?

One of the most fascinating aspects of Los Angeles is its ties to the motion picture industry. Since close to the inception of the movies, LA has been intrinsically tied to the silver screen. Why is that? The answer to this question actually helps to illustrate just what is so special about the city itself. Filmmaking itself actually was rooted in the East Coast, specifically New York City and Thomas Edison. To make a long story short, Edison put many legal restrictions of film production that made it essentially impossible for anyone to make a movie without paying him quite a lot of cash. So what did fledging filmmakers do? They moved West. They followed the dream as so many would do after them.

But what, besides the distance from NYC, made LA so desirable? Well the city is in close proximity to a variety of difference landscapes. If you want to go the beach, Los Angeles borders the Pacific Ocean and many different choices of beautiful, sandy beaches. The snow-capped Rocky Mountains are also only a short drive away. The desert is also close with nearby desert-Mecca Palm Springs serving as one of LA resident's primary vacation destination. Farmland and the gorgeous wine country is also just a little bit north of the city. The movies went to LA because LA has almost everything, and what it doesn't have isn't too far away.

Considering a move to LA?

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Welcome to sunny Los Angeles, CA!

So what are you waiting for? When it comes to comparing Seattle and Los Angeles, there's no reason to even compare. Los Angeles is the clear winner in this showdown. Time to back your bags and start calling the City of Angels your new home!