Moving from Settle, WA to Las Vegas, NV

Exchanging the Space Needle for the Stratosphere? Here’s what you need to know. 

Though both are major tourist destinations located in the western U.S., Seattle, WA and Las Vegas, NV each offers its own unique vibe. But there’s much more to consider than just coffee vs. casinos! Get an idea of what to expect when relocating from Seattle to Vegas and learn about the most efficient, affordable way to complete your move. 

Snug in Seattle? You’ll find much more room in Las Vegas 

Seattle and Las Vegas are similar in both size (142 square miles vs. 135 square miles) and population (709,000 vs. 627,000). However, population density is a key difference. Seattle is much more compacted with 9,260 people per square mile compared to 4,376 in Vegas. If you’ve ever felt a little cramped in the Emerald City, moving to Las Vegas should cure your claustrophobia! 

Sin City is much cheaper than the Emerald City if you play your cards right  

Despite its reputation as an adult playground, Las Vegas is quite family-friendly. Suburban communities, parks, restaurants and a host of natural and cultural attractions lay in the shadow of the Strip. 

And the best part? Housing there is significantly more affordable than in Seattle. The average Las Vegas home costs $234,700 compared to $605,200 in Seattle — that’s a 161-percent difference! Renters in Las Vegas can expect to pay about $500 less per month than in Seattle. 

Utilities will cost about 33 percent more in Vegas (air conditioning in the desert is a must), but the overall cost of living is about 54 percent lower than Seattle. 

Las Vegas is much hotter (and drier) than Seattle 

No surprises here. Seattle’s temperate climate includes cool, wet winters and mild, fairly dry summers. Rain is rare in Las Vegas — about 4 inches per year — and snow is extremely rare. Summer highs in Las Vegas climb well over 100 degrees and the city sees more than 300 sunny days each year (compared to 205 in Seattle), allowing for many more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors in your new hometown. 

The local economy is expanding beyond just tourism 

If you’re looking to transfer your tech skills from Seattle to Las Vegas, you should find ample job opportunities. Though the tourism, gaming, service and retail industries continue to drive the Las Vegas economy, more high-tech companies are coming into the city to diversify the economy. And as Vegas continues to grow, so will the need for a larger labor pool in all sectors.  

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