Moving from Seattle, WA to Irvine, CA

Are you making the move from Seattle, WA to Irvine, CA?

Irvine, CA is an extremely beautiful city located in the southern part of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. The city is known for its extremely upscale lifestyle, as well as being ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. The city's motto is "to create and maintain a community where people can live, work, and play in an environment that is safe, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing,” and it is just that! You will definitely not regret making the move from Seattle, WA to Irvine, CA!

What will you find after moving from Seattle to Irvine?

The following information will give you everything you need to see why making the move from Seattle, WA to Irvine, CA will be the best decision you have ever made!

What is the climate like in Irvine?

Irvine has a very mild climate, with warm to hot summers, and warm to cool winters. The area receives about 14 inches of rainfall each year, which is considerably less than Seattle, however recent advances in irrigation and city watering has turned Irvine into a green paradise. Compared to Seattle, Irvine has warmer winters, and summers, without ever getting above the 90s. Plus, the decreased amount of annual rainfall will allow more outside time, allowing you to enjoy the Irvine temperatures even more!

What are the educational systems like?

The city of Irvine is served by the Irvine Unified School District, while a small portion of the northern part of the city is served by the Tustin Unified School District. While Irvine’s educational opportunities do not surpass those of Seattle in quantity, the city certainly does in terms of quality. A very large of public school teachers in the city hold at least a masters degree, and there is a very small student-teacher ratio. Irvine is also ranked as having the 7th highest population of doctoral degrees in a city with a population of over 100,000.

How will I entertain myself in Irvine?

Irvine is mainly a high class suburb of Los Angeles located just south of Anaheim, and like most suburbs does not offer as much as a large city. However, Irvine certainly does offer something for everyone. There is a main downtown area with numerous service and retail businesses that provide hours of entertainment for residents. Due to it’s proximity to Anaheim, Irvine is also a short drive from amusement parks like Disney Land! Irvine is also only an hour from Los Angeles, which certainly offers more than Seattle ever could!

What is Irvine’s economy like?

The city of Irvine is mainly a suburb of Los Angeles, therefore it does not have an extremely independent economy, however the main economic drivers in Irvine are tourism, film projects, and the small business initiative ran by the city. Due to city regulations and projects, Irvine has become a very popular destination for small businesses to start, which helps drive not only the economy, but also the growth of Irvine.

What are the job opportunities like in Irvine?

Due to the small business initiative ran by the city, and the large amount of film projects that come through the city, Irvine constantly has jobs available to the general public as well as educated professionals. The unemployment rate in Irvine is drastically lower in Irvine than Seattle.

Welcome to fabulous Irvine, CA!

With its beautiful climate, upscale lifestyle, stable economy, and high levels of available education, Irvine truly is an amazing place to call home! The city is absolutely beautiful, and rich in that Southern Californian culture. You will definitely love your new home in making the move from Seattle, WA to Irvine, CA!


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