Moving from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX

Goodbye, Space Needle; hello, Space City 

In Houston, the term “space” doesn’t just describe what lies beyond the sky. It’s what surrounds you in the nation’s fourth largest city, the home of NASA and a sprawling metropolis of 2.3 million people that’s more than four times larger than Seattle. 

Fun fact: Houston is so massive (639 square miles) that it could hold Seattle, New York City, Washington, D.C., Boston, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Miami combined! 

Don’t let the city’s size intimidate you, though; that just creates more options and diversity. Take a look at some of the adjustments coming your way as a new Houstonian, and learn about the easiest, most efficient way to move from Seattle. 

Find your fit in a thriving economy 

Looking to advance your career by moving from Seattle to Houston? Opportunities await! Along with its connection to the aerospace sector, Houston is also the hub of the oil and gas industries and has the world’s largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions. Those with specific skills or advanced degrees in any of these areas can earn an annual salary well into the six figures. 

Struggling to save in Seattle? Find relief in Houston  

Another big reason why families and professionals are drawn to Houston is its relative affordability. While Seattle’s housing prices continue to soar (median home cost: almost $800,000), the average price in Houston is $270,000. Overall, Houston’s cost of living is 66 percent less than Seattle’s. 

Houston is warmer (and more damp) than Seattle 

Here’s a surprising stat: Houston actually gets more rain than perennially overcast Seattle! On average, Houston gets 53 inches per year compared to 38 in Seattle. However, you’ll see more sunny days in Houston (204) than Seattle (152), with hot, humid summers. 

Getting around H-Town vs. the Emerald City 

While Seattle is more walkable and more of its residents use public transit, you’ll definitely need your own wheels in Houston. Many people commute from nearby suburbs like The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land and Pearland. If you prefer public transit, though, the city’s METRO offers a fleet of buses, light rails and lift vans. 

Traveling in and out of Houston is easy and convenient via George Bush Intercontinental Airport, one of the busiest in the U.S. 

Let U-Pack launch your move from Seattle to Houston 

Relocating 2,300 miles away is no small task. Fortunately, there’s a company uniquely designed to help — and save you money in the process. U-Pack® specializes in simplifying long-distance residential moves with a nationwide network and quick transit times. Get started today with a free online quote! 

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