Moving from Seattle, WA to Honolulu, HI

Leaving the Evergreen State to put down roots on the Big Island? You aren’t alone

Seattle, WA and Honolulu, HI are separated by 2,700 miles of Pacific Ocean, but the two cities share some common traits. Both are popular tourist destinations known for their natural beauty, proximity to water and high cost of living. 

Moving from Seattle to Honolulu? Read on to see how they compare and discover a company that makes moving to Hawaii from the mainland easier than you’d imagine! 

Did you know? 

According to the Economic Research Organization at the University of Hawaii (UHERO), Washington is the second most common state of origin for new Hawaii residents (behind California). So, don’t be surprised to find some fellow former Seattleites in your new hometown of Honolulu! 

Traffic: The main source of stress on the Big Island 

Gridlock is common in Seattle, which will help you adjust to it in Honolulu. Narrow roads, limited space and a growing number of vehicles (watch out for mopeds) all contribute to Honolulu’s traffic congestion. An alternative is TheBus, Oahu’s public transportation system, which offers extensive routes around Honolulu and other parts of the island. 

Yes, it’s sunny in paradise! 

Honolulu has the type of dreamy tropical climate you’d expect from one of the world’s top vacation spots. No wonder it’s rated among the top 20 Healthiest Cities in America by Niche. Residents there see an average of 271 sunny days per year compared to 152 in Seattle. It also rains less in Honolulu and the temperature rarely varies from the mid-70s to the low 80s. 

If you’re missing snow, you can occasionally find some on the tallest Hawaiian volcanoes in the winter! 

You’ll pay a bit more to live on the Hawaiian Islands 

Despite lower housing costs in Honolulu (median home cost of $660,300), things like food, utilities and health care are more expensive on the Big Island. However, because prices are high in both cities, you shouldn’t experience much sticker shock. 

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