Moving from Seattle, WA to Honolulu, HI

Are You Moving from Seattle, WA to Honolulu, HI?

Moving from rainy, urban life in Seattle to the endless sunshine of Honolulu will provide an endless amount of opportunities for beach fun for your whole family! You will still experience the life of a major city, since Honolulu has a large population and is the state capital. But, unlike Seattle, the weather is much more inviting and enjoyable! Get ready for a completely new cultural experience in the Hawaiian Islands.

What can you expect after moving from Seattle to Honolulu?

The information below will help you realize why moving from Seattle to Honolulu could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – Instead of the months of rain and cold weather in Seattle, Honolulu offers perfect weather nearly year round for beach and ocean activities! The weather rarely varies from the mid 70s to low 80s, even in the winter months! You will have only some days of rain through the year in Honolulu, meaning every day will have plenty of sunshine each day. You will rarely see snowfall again when you move from Seattle to Honolulu! It does snow occasionally on the tallest volcanoes, so you can get your winter fix!
  • Education – Public schools in Honolulu are run by the Hawaii Department of Education. You will have a number of prestigious schools to choose from since great teachers are eager to move to the tropical paradise of Hawaii. There are also many private schools to choose from, even more than the public schools! You will easily find the best education for your child. Honolulu is also home to 5 universities, including the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Hawaii Pacific University. Even though you are far away in the pacific islands, education is everywhere in Honolulu.
  • Entertainment – Your possibilities for recreational activities will increase significantly when moving from Seattle to Honolulu, in fact Honolulu has been named one of the fittest cities in the country since the weather is prime for outdoor activities year round. Honolulu is known for fitness festivals including marathons and triathlons. You will still have access to the arts when you move to Honolulu including art museums, the Hawaii International Film Festival, and the Honolulu Symphony. Be sure to check out the Bishop Museum to explore the history of the land of Hawaii, or the Honolulu Zoo and Waikiki Aquarium. You will experience marine and beach life in new ways with your family!
  • Economy – Honolulu is known as a primary location for trade since it is in-between North America and Asia. A major source of the economy is in the transportation of goods to and from Hawaii, and Honolulu also brings in the majority of goods that are distributed to the rest of the Hawaiian Islands. Military research is also another important industry within Honolulu. When you move from Seattle to Honolulu, expect to encounter many more home-grown businesses and an island economy that cannot compare to any other region in the United States. Air travel and tourism is also a significant part of the economy as millions of people enjoy vacations in the Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands each year.

Welcome to Honolulu!

Your move from the cold and wet seasons in Seattle to the breathtaking beauty of Honolulu will allow you to enjoy the relaxed life on the beach. Moving from Seattle to Honolulu will be a great move for you and your family!


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