Moving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX

Find your free spirit deep in the heart of the Lone Star State 

“Keep Austin Weird,” the city’s unofficial slogan, is a rallying cry for embracing individuality and diversity. A haven for creatives and innovators, Austin has also been called a “city of transplants” known for welcoming new residents into its rich tapestry. 

Much like Seattle, Austin has something for everyone. We’ll explore some things to expect and suggest a customizable moving solution to get you there safely and easily. 

Strike up the band 

Few American cities are as intertwined with music as Seattle and Austin. If you’re a music fan, moving from the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix and grunge to the “Live Music Capital of the World” may feel like a never-ending jam session.   

Austin City Limits is the country’s longest-running live music TV show (which featured Willie Nelson in its first broadcast in October 1974) and is also a popular annual festival. South by Southwest is one of the nation’s premier music and art festivals, drawing tens of thousands into town each year. 

But you don’t have to wait until festival season to check out live music. On any given night, you can enjoy practically any genre played at more than 250 venues across the city. 

Don’t forget the sunblock 

Accustomed to gray skies and always having rain gear handy? Get ready for a big change from the Pacific Northwest. Austin’s climate ranges from mild most of the year to scorching hot in the summers, with 228 sunny days per year on average.  

Save in the Southwest 

While the cost of living is above the national average in both Seattle and Austin, it’s about 30 percent less expensive overall to live in Austin. Housing there is nearly 50 percent less than in Seattle, but prices are rising to meet the rapid growth of the Austin metro area (more than 2 million people). 

However, Texas — like Washington — has no state income tax, plus a low state and local tax rate. 

You’ll be in the middle of it all 

Living in Seattle, you may have enjoyed the close proximity to Portland and Vancouver, BC. Austin’s central location offers similar flexibility with easy access to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and the Texas coast. And like Seattle, there’s no shortage of places to swim, hike, bike and enjoy being outdoors. 

Hungry to explore? Bring your appetite! 

While Seattle is known for its top-notch seafood and Asian cuisine, Austin specializes in Mexican, Tex-Mex, barbecue and steak.  

Miss the atmosphere of Seattle’s bustling Pike Place Market? Explore the food truck culture in Austin, where more than 1,200 mobile food vendors sell creative and delicious offerings to eager foodies. Supplement eating on the go with visits to popular markets like HEB and Whole Foods, which was founded in Austin. 

Avoid long-distance moving hassles and save with U-Pack 

Relocating 2,100 miles from Seattle to Austin is much easier with expert help. Let U-Pack® be your guide. We’ll build a move that fits your schedule, needs and budget — and we’ll even handle the driving. Find a nearby service center and get your free quote today.