Moving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX

What’s so much better about Austin, TX than Seattle, WA?

Austin lies in the heart of South Central Texas, and every part of the city is reflective of this fact. The city itself is one of the most metropolitan areas in the state, and certainly has a wide variety of flavors for everyone to enjoy. Austin is often called the Rock Capitol of the South, and does have the highest percentages of bands in the state, as well as one of the highest densities of night clubs and bars creating a great night atmosphere. You will never regret moving from cold, rainy Seattle, to warm, fun-filled Austin, TX!

What is the weather like in Austin?

Unlike Seattle, Austin has a very dry year round climate. The average amount of rainfall throughout the year is usually 28 inches, compared to 38 inches in Seattle. Summer highs are often in the upper 90s, with a few days breaking over 100; while winters remain cool and wet with lows rarely falling below the 40s.  Overall, it is much, much warmer in Austin than Seattle, and the sun is also several times brighter, giving hours upon hours of more fun time.

What do the demographics of Austin look like?

The city of Austin has a population of 842,592 people, and an overall population of 1.8 million people in the area surrounding the city. This makes Austin the third largest state capitol in the U.S. (around 200,000 people larger than Seattle). The median household and family incomes for the Austin area are estimated around $42,700, and $54,100 respectively. Much like Seattle, many high-tech and medical companies have made Austin and the suburb called Round Rock their home.

Are the school systems in Austin good?

The public education system is one of the best in the state, and arguably one of the best in the country. The main school district in Austin is the Austin Independent School District; however, there are 28 others in the city. Austin is also home to many magnet schools, including Liberal Arts and Science Academy High School of Austin, which through test scores, has remained on a top 30 list of American high schools for several years now. Alongside the elementary and secondary education system, Austin is home to the University of Texas at Austin, one of the best universities in the state. 

Will I find ways to entertain myself in Austin?

Austin is one of the most metropolitan cities in Texas, with several hundred local restaurants, stores, shops, and various other service and retail businesses that provide hours of fun for residents and visitors alike. Other than the day time fun found throughout Austin, there is also a high concentration of bars, clubs, and pubs on 6th street, which comes alive each night with live music and several band music festivals around the year.   Much like Seattle, Austin is known for its liberal lifestyle and progressive culture. You will never get bored living in a city like Austin!

How strong is the economy?

The Austin economy is largely based on the high-tech and bio-medical industries, with several large companies based in and around the city itself. Other large economic sectors include the pharmaceutical, and bio-technology industries, as well as a major local media industry. Compared to Seattle, and most cities found in the country, Austin’s economy is largely stable, and has remained surprisingly strong in the wake of the 2008 recession. 

What are the job availabilities like in Austin?

The largest employers in Austin include: Austin Independent School District, Dell, Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, Apple, Amazon, Bioware, and Blizzard Entertainment. The unemployment rate in Austin is one of the lowest in the state, and only 9% of the population is below the poverty line – one of the lowest for a city of this size in the country. Coming from Seattle, the business environment will remain relatively similar, and you will not notice an incredible difference. Austin is also a large supporter of small businesses, with new companies starting constantly throughout the year, creating hundreds of new jobs.

Welcome to wonderful Austin, TX!

The city of Austin is a wonderful city, full of progressive people and liberal minds that “Keep Austin Weird,” much like the cultural attitude in Seattle. You will love living in Seattle, so get started moving from Seattle, WA to Austin, TX and making your new home in the Lone Star State!

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