Moving from San Francisco, CA to Phoenix, AZ

Are you moving from San Francisco, CA to Phoenix, AZ?

Could there be two cities that are less alike than San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona? While both are significantly sized, their entire vibe and appearance are so completely different that it’s hard to imagine they are even in the same country. Being different, though, does not go to say that they aren’t equally charming and beautiful locations. In fact, there are many reasons to recommend both as excellent places to call home. Let this article help you to see why San Francisco is a city you experience while Phoenix is the city you call home.

What is the weather like in Phoenix?         

Phoenix is a city for people who hate all things cold. While the city is firmly in a desert climate, the nights are much cooler than the day time. Phoenix is still not a city that allows for its residents to get much less than warm. Warmth rains down on Phoenix in almost perpetual sunshine. It is not an area that thrives on rain, so precipitation is limited. One of the greatest advantages to living in a warm city, which has an average high of 86.6 degrees annually, is that you don’t have to change your wardrobe four times a year. In the specific case of San Francisco, the constant cold/cold/mild/warm shift often requires a variety of wardrobe in a single day. With Phoenix, you can ditch much of your closet. Invest in more shorts and T-shirts, because Phoenix wants you to be tan and happy every season.

What’s unique about nature around Phoenix?

You can’t discuss Phoenix without talking about the impressive amount of shear nature that surrounds the city. While the ocean-flanked San Francisco is certainly beautiful, there is something altogether unique about the picturesque landscapes and unique wildlife that is found in Phoenix.

If you are interested in animals, you’ll want to explore the surrounding desert and try to spot roadrunners, javelina, Gila monsters, bald eagles, chuckwallas, bobcats, jaguars and mountain lions. While he’s not venomous, you might want to keep an eye open for the California king snake. The most unusual animal to be found in Phoenix, though, is the rosy-faced lovebird. There are virtually no others of this species to be found on the continent, but there are over 1,000 in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

These animals can often be observed in the impressive nature that surrounds Phoenix, which includes such rare and unusual plants and vegetation as the giant saguaro cactus, choll cacti, the prickly pear, various palm trees, and ironwood.

How is the economy like in Phoenix?

Economic prosperity is important for any city, and this is of no concern in Phoenix. In the last decade, job growth has outpaced the rest of the United States in the city. As Arizona’s largest city, Phoenix is the place to live in the American Southwest, with much of the area’s economic roots planted in the town. Everything from farming to health care have long histories in Phoenix. Among the other most important industries as real estate, construction, tourism, wholesale, professional services, retail, waste management and manufacturing. Manufacturing, in particular, has a strong presence in Phoenix, with production consistently occurring with processed foods, missiles, aircraft parts, chemicals, computers and electronic equipment.

What kind of museums are in Phoenix?

San Francisco does have an amazing culture. It is a city that has its roots in a wide variety of different people, so the city’s style and beat have worked its way into the hearts of American. Many people moving away from the Bay Area might be concerned that they’ll never have that same type of cultural vibe again. While Phoenix is not the same as San Francisco, it does enjoy a unique culture that helps to make it into one of the most fascinating locations in America.

Museums are a key component of Phoenix’s appeal. Among the many, many sites there is the Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Musical Instrument Museum, and the Arizona Capitol Museum. There is also the Phoenix Art Museum, which has amassed more than 17,000 art pieces since it opened in 1959.

Making the move to Phoenix

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Welcome to Phoenix, your new home!

As beautiful of San Francisco is, it looks like it’s time for you to move south to Phoenix! Pack your bags today!