Moving from San Francisco, CA to Minneapolis, MN

Are You Moving from San Francisco, CA to Minneapolis, MN?

Moving from San Francisco to Minneapolis will provide more diverse options for winter activities and overall entertainment in a beautifully constructed city. With a smaller population, you will experience a more close knit big city in Minneapolis. There are also many more diversified options for industries in Minneapolis, in comparison to San Francisco.

What will you find after moving from San Francisco to Minneapolis?

The information below will help you realize why moving from San Francisco to Minneapolis could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – In Minneapolis, you will experience all of the best elements of winter with significant ice and snowfall. You will enjoy all of the best winter activities because of how the snow sticks in parks and ices over lakes completely, which is ideal for ice fishing. But don’t fret; Minneapolis has experienced enough snow to know how to keep the city moving in any kind of weather. Summers will be much nicer in Minneapolis with temperatures in the mid 70s. So, there is a significant difference between each season, something you would not experience as much as San Francisco.
  • Population – Minneapolis has a population of 382,000, which is less than half of the population of San Francisco. You will receive all of the benefits of a major city without feeling swallowed whole by too large of a population.
  • Education – Minneapolis boasts a strong education system, just like San Francisco. The Minneapolis Public Schools operate as the public school system in the city with approximately 100 schools to choose from. Because of Minneapolis’s multicultural flair, many schools offer multiple languages in classes. For higher education, Minneapolis is home to the University of Minnesota, which is the 4th largest institution in the nation. Minneapolis is also home to a number of other 4-year and professional schools including Augsburg College and Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
  • Entertainment – You will have more diverse options for entertainment when you move from San Francisco to Minneapolis, including professional sports. Be sure to catch games with the Minnesota Twins, the Minnesota Vikings, the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Minnesota Wild. Minnesota is also known for their arts scene, which is second only to New York City. Be sure to see what is happening at the Guthrie Theater, the Walker Arts Center, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden and the Minnesota Orchestra. You will have a more diverse professional arts experience compared to San Francisco. Minneapolis also has a number of beautiful parks, nationally recognized for their innovation and beauty. Minneapolis is also a great city for runners and people who enjoy indoor or winter sports, since many Winter Olympic medalists had their start in Minneapolis.
  • Economy – Minneapolis has a strong economy spread apart in many industries. Minneapolis is also home to five Fortune 500 companies including Target and U.S. Bancorp. The economy contains a significant hold in all of the major industries from health care, manufacturing, to entertainment. The city is also known for being very tech-savvy with easy access to Wi-Fi, innovative transportation and tech research. When you move from San Francisco to Minneapolis, you will experience a more technologically advanced city system!

Welcome to Magnificent Minneapolis!

Your move from the more congested city of San Francisco to more winter recreational fun in Minneapolis will open many new opportunities. Moving from San Francisco to Minneapolis will be the best move you’ve made!


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