Moving from San Francisco, CA to Denver, CO

Moving from San Francisco to Denver 

While living in the Mile High City is different than living in the Golden Gate City, there’s a lot to love about Denver. Its lower cost of living, growing job market and natural environment makes it an ideal place to work and raise a family. Ready to go? From the West Coast to the mountains, here are five things to know about moving from San Fran to Denver.  

5 Things to Know about Denver

It snows 

Snow boots and insulated coats will be your new best friends in Denver. The city averages 57 inches of snow per year with winter temps dropping into the teens. The climate is much different than San Francisco mild winters and dry summers. Denver summers are usually warm and rainy. Severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and hailstorms are likely during these months. But overall, the weather is sunny and pleasant.  

The food is diverse 

There’s nothing like the taste of San Fran’s It’s-It Ice Cream Sandwich or the Mission-style burrito. But as Denver’s people continue to grow in diversity, so does its food. There’s something to satisfy every craving! Local favorites include:

  • French Toast at Steuben’s 
  • Classic pizza at Pizzeria Locale 
  • Cheeseburger and truffle fries at Larkburger 
  • Homemade ice cream at Bonnie Brae 
  • BBQ Biscuit at Denver Biscuit Company 

The views are unreal 

Watching the sunset illuminate the Golden Gate Bridge is a sight you’ll never forget. But the views of Denver are incredible. No matter which direction you turn, there’s an endless range of mountains. Enjoy waking up to majestic views of the Rockies, Mount Evans and more. For an up-close look, take a trip to one of the many parks for a day of hiking, skiing, kayaking and rock climbing. 

Business is booming 

Denver’s economy is vibrant. The job market is increasing faster than San Francisco’s, and many companies are choosing The Mile High City to plant roots. One of the largest industries is tourism. In 2017, tourism brought in $5.6 million and supported jobs for more than 57,000 workers. Other economic drivers are aerospace, healthcare, finance and biotech. With plenty of jobs to choose from, the city is a huge draw for young professionals. 

Sports are a way of life 

San Francisco is home to three professional sports teams — the Giants (MLB), 49ers (NFL) and Golden State Warriors (NBA). And though you’ll miss your favorite teams in action, Denver’s teams won’t disappoint. The city is a hotspot for professional sports and has some of the world’s best athletes. With seven professional teams, there’s a sport here for every fan. Have fun cheering on the: 

  • Colorado Rockies (MLB)
  • Denver Broncos (NFL)
  • Colorado Avalanche (NHL)
  • Colorado Rapids (MLS)
  • Denver Nuggets (NBA)
  • Colorado Mammoth (NLL)
  • Denver Outlaws (MLL)

How to Move from San Fran to Denver 

If you’re moving from San Francisco to Denver, U-Pack® can provide quick, easy service. It works like this: we deliver a container or trailer to your door. You load your belongings, and then we handle all the transportation. And with our nationwide coverage, transit times average 2-5 business days. Check rates for your move with a free online quote or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077