Moving from San Francisco, CA to Dallas, TX

Looking to leave the City? Find out why Big D is booming 

Boasting a wealth of open spaces, cultural variety and opportunity, Dallas, TX is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. If you’re considering a move to Dallas from San Francisco, you aren’t alone. See how these two major cities compare and learn how choosing the right long-distance moving company can set a positive tone for your new life in Big D! 

Just how big is it? 

DFW includes 13 counties stretching across 9,200 square miles and has 7.3 million residents, making it the largest inland metropolitan area in the U.S. and fourth largest overall. By itself, Dallas is a city of 1.3 million people and measures 383 square miles. 

In comparison, the San Francisco metro area covers 6,900 miles and has 3.3 million residents within its nine counties. On its own, the city of San Francisco measures less than 50 square miles. 

Breathing room is just one reason why people are flocking to Dallas. Here are some others. 


Dallas not only has a low unemployment rate, but 22 of the 500 largest U.S. companies — including Toyota and State Farm — have a presence there. Coming from San Francisco’s technology sector? Dallas is one of the nation’s hottest markets for tech talent, according to an Axios report. There are also opportunities in oil and gas, aviation and aerospace, health care and education. 


Although property values are rising because of the area’s popularity, Dallas remains a relative bargain compared to San Francisco, one of the country’s most expensive places to live. The median home cost in Big D is $188,000 while it could set you back $1.3 million in the City by the Bay. You’ll also pay less for things like rent, groceries, transportation and utilities. 

But the biggest financial perk to living in Dallas? Texas has no state income tax. 


You’ll miss San Francisco’s crisp air and incomparable views. But Dallas’ mild year-round weather (minus the sweltering summers) makes it easy to enjoy all the fun the area has to offer, from the numerous parks, lakes, golf courses and cultural attractions to watching the pros compete in the four major sports. 


Centrally located with two major airports (Love Field and DFW International), Dallas is a key transportation hub that offers flights to and from practically every major city in the world. And when you want to explore closer to home, Dallas is within a 5-hour drive of Austin, Houston, San Antonio. 

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