Moving from San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL

Are you moving from San Francisco, CA to Chicago, IL?

San Francisco, California, is one of the most prominent cities on the West Coast. It is a place that enjoys a diverse economy and consistent weather. Chicago, Illinois, is the kind of place people fall in love with the second they lay eyes on it. From the friendly, Midwestern people to the lakeside location, there’s something unique about Chicago. This article will show you exactly why you’re going to love living in Chicago.

What is the weather like in Chicago?

There is a large difference between the weather in Chicago and San Francisco. San Francisco, as mentioned above, has fairly consistent temperatures all year long. This is what many residents would call an advantage. Highs only vary from about 57 to 71 throughout the year. But what Chicago offers is a little bit more exciting. Chicago is a city that experiences every season to the fullest. So while you won’t get to have 70-degree summers in the city, you will get to lay out by the pool in the hot and humid sun.

While winters won’t leave in a simply a light jacket, you will get to experience bundling up to go sledding in the beautiful snowfall. Springs will bring lovely green leaves and falls will have the great colors of red, yellow and brown. There is a variety to Chicago that keeps every season unique, different and exciting.

What do the demographics look like in Chicago?

One aspect of moving that many San Francisco residents would see as a disadvantage would be the prospect of leaving behind the admirable diversity that is found in a place like their fair city. As the third biggest city in the United States, though, Chicago is an equally diverse location, with representations of just about every type of individual you can find. With about 2.7 million people housed within the city limits, Chicago is also more than three times the size of San Francisco.

There are many people of various European descents in Chicago, from Czechs and Italians to Jews and Bosnians. There are a large percentage of African Americans in the city, representing over 30 percentage of the town’s population, and nearly a third of the city also identifies as Hispanic or Latino. There are number of Asians in the city, too, along with significant percentages of all types of religious groups, including smaller sects like Buddhism and Sikhism.

What is the economy like in Chicago?

Chicago has one of the strongest economies in the world, with the city having its hand in many different types of sectors. The city itself brings in the third largest gross domestic product in the country, with the 2010 estimate being $532 billion. It also has the second largest central business district in the country, and is the home to such major futures and financial exchanges as the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Stock Exchange.

Many companies are located in the Chicago area, such as Chase Bank, the aerospace Boeing, Kraft Foods, McDonald’s, Sears Holdings Corporation, and Motorola. The town also benefits from a large tourism economy, as well, with many interesting sites and locations drawing in millions of visitors every year.

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