Moving from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA

What a move from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA looks like

How many times does life give you the chance to experience both west coast and east coast living? Don’t hesitate making a move from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA so you can enjoy coastal living to its absolute potential. Best of all, this move will actually save you money in the long run. While both cities are far more expensive than the average U.S. city, Boston’s cost of living is actually cheaper. Your new home is small and structured in a completely different way, but it’s certain to provide you the experience of a lifetime.

Why you should make Boston your home

As one of the nation’s most historical cities, Boston offers residents a rich, full lifestyle that perfectly meshes together old and new. Neighborhoods are unique in their own right and offer housing options like triple-deckers, brownstones, Victorians, and Colonials. You won’t see much new construction because this city is all about preservation. The weather promises to deliver four distinct seasons, spring being the shortest. Winters are typically very cold and very snowy, so make sure you purchase a good coat, snow boots, and maybe even a snow shovel before making this move. Transportation is made easy with an extensive public transportation system. The city has a network of subways, buses, and commuter rails to make your commute to and from work a little easier.

Education in the city

It’s possible you’ve chosen to move from San Francisco to Boston to pursue your education dreams. The area has a high concentration of colleges and therefore, college students. With more than 60 major colleges and universities nearby, you’re certain to find the one that fits your degree pursuits. Ivy leaguers will enjoy their time at Harvard, but other great schools include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston University, New England School of Law, the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Bunker Hill Community College.

History in Boston

Much of our nation’s history can be traced back to Boston. As a resident here, you have to make time to walk through history along the Freedom Trail so you can see firsthand sites like the Massachusetts State House, Bunker Hill Monument, USS Constitution, Old State House, and the Paul Revere House. Boston National Historic Park and Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area are other historical sites worth visiting.

Entertainment the northeastern way

Looking for a little cabaret or maybe acoustic folk? They have it. Do you prefer a night at the symphony or a stroll through art museums? You’ll find it there. In fact, there’s very little you won’t find in the way of entertainment after moving from San Francisco to Boston. Sports are a huge part of the culture here with a team in every major sporting team. Game day at Fenway Park while cheering on the beloved Red Sox is a favorite pastime of all Bostonians, and tailgating before a Patriots game is a must do. Locals take sports seriously and start playing in the little leagues at a young age, especially ice hockey. There’s even more to this great city that you’ll love discovering as you go about your days.

Get Moving from San Francisco to Boston

This coast to coast move is a big one, covering over 3,100 miles. As you trek the country, take the time to stop and sightsee! You’ll pass through Salt Lake City, Denver, Cleveland, and Buffalo. The easiest way to move hassle-free is to let U-Pack handle your long-distance move while you travel in the comfort of your own vehicle. All you have to do is pack and load, and U-Pack will deliver your belongings door to door (or load or unload at a service center). A free moving quote will get you started planning your move to Boston – just click and give us a few details to get started.