Moving from San Francisco, CA to Boston, MA

Discover how much the City by the Bay and Beantown have in common 

Though separated by 3,000-plus miles, San Francisco, CA and Boston, MA are more alike than you might expect. Both are densely populated coastal cities and hotspots for tourism. Each has a highly educated workforce. And the locals take great pride in where they’re from. 

What does a San Francisco-to-Boston move look like to you? Settle in, grab a lobster roll and a fresh cannoli, and find out what to expect (like almost 50 inches of snow per year). Then, learn how choosing the right long-distance moving company can eliminate stress and save you money. 

Embrace the Cradle of Liberty 

San Francisco has a rich and interesting history, gaining prominence during the California Gold Rush of 1849 and becoming the epicenter of the late-1960s counterculture movement. But exploring Boston has been compared to walking through a history book. It’s one of America’s oldest cities, founded in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England, and is the site of several key events during the American Revolution. 

A great starting point is the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail, which features 16 historic sites from Boston Common to Paul Revere’s house. Follow the markers on your own for free or dive deeper by taking a walking tour with a professional costumed guide! 

Education is a priority 

Boston is known as one of the most educated cities in the country. While San Francisco is across the bay from a couple of world-class universities (Stanford University and the University of California at Berkeley), Boston counters with prestigious Harvard University — the oldest institution of higher learning in the U.S. — and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in neighboring Cambridge. An estimated 200,000 post-secondary students attend more than 75 colleges throughout the Boston metropolitan area. 

Skip driving and gain peace of mind 

Driving is challenging and time-consuming in both San Francisco and Boston, which have two of the nation’s four highest population densities. It’s easier to get around on foot, by bike or with public transit.  

If you’re familiar with San Francisco’s BART and MUNI, you’ll find the T (also known as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority) easy to navigate around Boston. Another bonus for the T: It’s a unified transit system that extends into the suburbs while San Francisco relies on multiple transit systems between the city and suburbs. 

Explore a diverse job market 

Career opportunities are plentiful in both San Francisco and Boston. While San Francisco is well established as a hub for technology and startups, Boston also casts a wide net for professional talent and is known for its tech, finance and life science sectors. Companies like Pfizer, Amazon, Google and Microsoft all have a presence in Boston.  

The city has also long been a leader and innovator in healthcare. Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital made the U.S. News & World Report 2021-22 Best Hospitals Honor Roll

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