Moving from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX

Moving from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX

Austin is one of the hippest and happiest cities in America. Whereas San Diego is a town that draws a more relaxed, mature audience, Austin is up and coming. It's a city that holds very true to its "Keep Austin Weird" slogan. The city is an anomaly in Texas; Austin is one of the few predominately liberal and most uniquely scenic locations in the state. Making the move from San Diego, CA to Austin, TX may seem like a dramatic one, but it could be the best decision you have ever made in your life.

What is the weather and geography of Austin?

San Diego is a very dry city, which is a stark contrast to Austin. While Austin does have some characteristics of a desert climate, it receives well over 30 inches of rainfall each year. While the weather can get very hot during the summer, the steady precipitation helps it from ever feeling dry. There are actually four different ecological regions that intersect in the city, which accounts for Austin having several different defining traits. The wet nature of the city lends itself to a very green, lush landscape. The Colorado River borders Austin and the 780 foot Mount Bonnell also helps to contribute to the city's beautiful surroundings.

Temperatures during the cooler months are very similar to San Diego, but Austin does have the possibility of winter weather every couple of years. San Diego quite literally never has this chance. Most of the time, residents experience a rather mild winter climate. But the summer has a much warmer feel in Austin versus San Diego. For those who enjoy spending time outdoors and soaking in the sun's rays, Austin is definitely a city for you.

So why exactly is Austin weird?

Austin is anything but a mainstream city. If you're making a move from San Diego to Austin, one of the most startling discoveries will be how open-minded the city is in comparison with many southern towns. While it is not unusual for metropolitan areas to be a Mecca for free-thinkers, Austin's vibe is distinct amongst all of Texas.

If you're looking to move away from San Diego and into a Southern climate, Austin might be the city that can most closely give you the liberal nature of the West Coast with a twist of Southern manners. The city is known not only for more left-sided politics, but also for being very environmentally conscious, technologically advanced and socially accepting. Many celebrities call Austin home, including Sandra Bullock, Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey.

Austin is also a center for music culture, as well. The aptly named Batfest and Austin City Limits, which is also the longest running live music program on television, are two of the more popular music festivals. The legendary Willie Nelson also has a home in the city. One of the city's other unofficial nicknames is "The Live Music Capitol of the World." It also the center for many other forms of entertainment, in particular film. Probably in no small part due to The University of Texas' exemplary film program, Austin is one of the top filming locations in Texas. Films like "Miss Congeniality" and the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" were filmed in the town.

The "Keep Austin Weird" motto doesn't only extend to its unique landscape or generally liberal points of views, but also to some oddities about the city in general. Around 1.5 million bats, for instance, live under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge.

What is Austin economy like?

When moving from San Diego to Austin, it's also important to keep in mind the great economical advantages to the city. Many students coming out of UT have engineering and computer science degrees, which helps to contribute to the town's positioning as one of the top "high tech" cities in the nation. It also places number 14 on the "Best Places for Business and Careers" according to Forbes magazine.

Companies like Dell, Amazon, eBay, Google and Xerox all have bases in Austin, too. In keeping with the "Keep Austin Weird" motto, Whole Foods Market was founded and is based in the city. The grocery store specializes in fresh and packaged food, specifically emphasizing natural products, which goes aptly with the city's green initiative leanings. Clearly, there are many opportunities for jobs when it comes to leaving San Diego, CA for Austin, TX.

Moving to Austin soon?

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