Moving from Salt Lake City, UT to Atlanta, GA

Head down south for a new perspective 

Southern hospitality, delicious food and the spirit of reinvention are some of the features that set Atlanta apart. It’s known as the city that rose from the ashes because it was burned down in 1864, making it the only North American city destroyed in a war. 

Today, Atlanta continues to grow and adapt. What does that mean for new residents? Let’s explore what a Salt Lake City-to-Atlanta relocation might look like. Then, learn about a hassle-free long-distance moving option designed to save you time and money. 


It's a big jump from SLC to ATL 

If you’re looking for more hustle and bustle with a Southern twist, Atlanta could be exactly what you need. Atlanta is Georgia’s most populous city (524,000) and owns the ninth-largest metro in the country with 6 million people. Millennials (people born between 1981 and 1996) make up about 25 percent of Atlanta’s population. 

In comparison, Salt Lake City contains about 200,000 residents in the city proper and 1.2 million in the metro area.  


Explore ample green spaces  

Atlanta may not have the snow-capped mountains that surround Salt Lake City, but there’s still plenty of scenery to enjoy. One of Atlanta’s nicknames is the “city in the forest” because a dense tree canopy covers about 48 percent of the metro area, making it stand out among other major U.S. cities. The City of Atlanta and volunteers actively work to preserve this unique feature. 

Another point of pride for the city is the Atlanta BeltLine. Similar to the HighLine in New York City, the BeltLine project is repurposing 22 miles of unused railroad tracks around the city’s core neighborhoods into walking, hiking and biking trails and green spaces.  


Experience the four seasons 

As you would expect in the South, Atlanta summers are hot and humid, but winters are mild. Low temperatures rarely drop below the mid-40s — unlike snow-covered Salt Lake City. Subtropical Atlanta also averages much more rain per year (about 20 inches). But in Atlanta, locals can comfortably get out and about year-round. 


Grow your career in a thriving economic hub 

Atlanta is home to more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, including UPS, Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines and The Home Depot. Entrepreneurs are welcome, as well. According to a WalletHub survey, Atlanta ranked 11th among the best large cities in which to start a new business.  

Did you know: Atlanta has a thriving entertainment industry because of production incentives like a tax credit? Music is big here too, especially rap and hip hop.  


With size comes urban sprawl 

It’s much easier to get around Salt Lake City than Atlanta. Ongoing development of this major metro area contributes to significant traffic congestion (average commute time: 32 minutes), so having a car in Atlanta is practically a necessity. However, MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) offers the city’s primary public transportation option. 

One benefit of Atlanta’s size, however, is the presence of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Along with being Delta Air Lines’ largest hub, Hartsfield-Jackson moves 107 million passengers per year and employs 63,000 people, making it one of the world’s busiest airports. That means you’ll have no issues getting back to Salt Lake City for regular visits! 


Go U-Pack for an easier long-distance move 

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