Moving from Rochester, NY to Raleigh, NC

Today is the day for moving from Rochester to Raleigh

It’s no secret that Rochester, NY is one of the best cities to live in, but if life has you moving from Rochester to Raleigh, NC, you’re going find life in the south is pretty good, too. Raleigh is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with a population of more than 430,000. Its quick growth means ample job opportunities for you along with excellent neighborhoods, schools, and entertainment. This move will require a few adjustments on your end, but there’s no doubt that once you settle in from your move from Rochester to Raleigh, it won’t take long to tap into a southern lifestyle.

Discover the geography and climate of Raleigh

Raleigh is characterized by rolling hills coupled with flat plains. You’ll find flowing water falls scattered around local creeks and rivers. Because of its central location within the state, it’s a mere two hours west of the Atlantic Beach and four hours east of the Great Smoky Mountains. Downtown Raleigh is home to a fabulous cityscape combined with historic buildings and neighborhoods. Much of the city is divided into major sections such as North Raleigh, South Raleigh, East Raleigh, and West Raleigh. The climate alone makes a move from Rochester to Raleigh worthwhile. Even though the area experiences four major seasons, the winters in this region are mild and short which means you can leave the snow shovel in Rochester.

Earn the best education after moving from Rochester to Raleigh

This city has been ranked as one of the most educated cities in America. The public schools are operated by the Wake County school system and include Millbrook High School, Wakefield High School, Longview School, Wake NC State University Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Early College High School. Higher education is an important part of this area. Raleigh is a part of the Research Triangle together with Durham and Chapel Hill and is home to North Carolina State University. Making a move from Rochester to Raleigh means great things for the future of your family’s education.

Move from Rochester to Raleigh and benefit from the stable economy

The economy of any area is important especially when you’re making your home there. Move from Rochester to Raleigh and discover the many job options made available to you. Raleigh is the capital city which means the government is a major player in the economic sector. Other major employers include WakeMed, North Carolina State University, Duke Raleigh Hospital, Progress Energy, and BB&T Insurance Services. You’ll also discover that Raleigh serves as a major center in the U.S. for high-tech and biotech research. Once you complete your move from Rochester to Raleigh, it won’t take long to realize this city has a stable economy with a nice variety of options.

Learn how to relax the southern way

After you make your move from Rochester to Raleigh, take time out of your busy schedule to visit the areas that make Raleigh the eclectic and modern city it has grown into. Residents can enjoy days strolling through art museums or botanical gardens. Take time to play at many parks spread throughout the area; there are places for biking, hiking, tennis, swimming, and fishing. The city of Raleigh is ready for you to move from Rochester to Raleigh so you can start living life the southern way.

Get from Rochester to Raleigh on a Budget

You might be surprised to find out that the cheapest way to travel down to North Carolina may not be a rental truck. Instead of driving the over 650 miles in a big bulky truck, let U-Pack® do the driving for you! U-Pack delivers your belongings door to door at prices comparable to truck rental. We bring the moving equipment to your home in Rochester, you load your belongings inside, and we drive it to Raleigh so you can unload. It’s easy and affordable. Get a moving quote here to find out how you can move with U-Pack.

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