Moving from Rochester, NY to Boston, MA

Moving from Rochester, NY to Boston, MA is a full-on moving experience not to be taken lightly. Rochester is the third largest city in New York, with a population of 210,565, while Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts, as well as New England, with 617,594 residents. Boston is known as an international center of higher education, as well as a center for medicine. The city also had the first public school and the first subway system in the U.S., and it is unofficially termed the “Capital of New England”.

What you can expect from a move from Rochester to Boston: Getting there is half the fun, and you can choose to travel by car or plane. By driving, will cover 394 miles of road, and will take almost 7 hours, not including rest breaks at cities like Utica, NY, Albany, NY, and Chicopee, MA.

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The weather in Boston varies according to Boston’s coastal location. Both cities can be classified by humid continental climates, meaning that for the most part, the two cities are identical during each season. The average high temperatures for Rochester and Boston are close to 60 F; the average lows closer to 40 F. Boston typically sees 43.7 inches of rain annually, close to 9 inches more than Rochester. However, Boston sees much less snow than Rochester each year; compare 45 inches to 101 inches.

Getting around in Boston:

Boston has the fourth-highest rate of public transit usage in the country. As a to-be resident of Boston, you have a choice between taking MBTA rapid transit, water shuttle service, bus service, commuter rail service, or Amtrak service via South Station. There is a high rate of bicycle commuting in the city, especially due to the new Hubway bikeshare system, and Boston has actually gained the nickname of “The Walking City” due to the compactness of the city, as well as the number of students residing there.

Getting an education in Boston is inevitable, or you would think it is, simply due to Boston’s all-around prestige in the art of education. Boston Public Schools enrolls 57,000 students and operates 145 schools, compared to Rochester City School District’s 32,000 students and close to 60 schools currently being operated, making for an easy transition for any children you may be bringing along with you to Boston. The list for higher education opportunities in Boston is seemingly endless, offering over 100 colleges in the Greater Boston Area alone. The list includes Harvard University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emerson College, Fisher College, Suffolk University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, and Tufts University, to name just a few!

Dining & entertainment in Boston can only be described as “an experience” due to the sheer amount of history living within the city. Among the highest rated restaurants are Casa Razdora, Roast Beast, Menton, Zo, and Neptune Oyster, just a small selection that, in itself, offers tastes from around the world. They never tell you this, but it’s OK to be a tourist when you first move to a big, exciting city. The Old State House, Symphony Hall, Faneuil Hall, Massachusetts State House, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston act as a historical sampler to the fun waiting around the bend. Catch a game at TD Garden, Fenway Park, or Gillette Stadium depending on your sports preference, or give into your shopping addiction at Copley Place, Downtown Crossing, or Newbury Street. Take the family to the John F. Kennedy Library, the Franklin Park Zoo, the Museum of Science, or picnic on the sandbanks of the Charles River Esplanade. Soon you’ll come to realize that Boston has everything to satisfy your taste for fun, adventure, and learning at any place or time.

Welcome to Boston, a.k.a. “The Hub (of the Universe)”!