Moving from Richmond, VA, to Los Angeles, CA

Are You Moving from Richmond, VA, to Los Angeles, CA?

As delightful as life can be in scenic Richmond, it doesn’t come close to the sheer abundance of life in Los Angeles. Los Angles, or L.A., doesn’t offer a little of anything; it offers a lot of everything! Moving to one of the richest and most influential cities in the world provides access to economic opportunities only the third largest economy in the world can offer and access to a vibrant entertainment scene only the ‘entertainment capital of the world” can provide. Your new life in the “City of Angels” will be heavenly!

What will life hold after moving from Richmond to Los Angeles?

The information below will help you realize why moving to Los Angeles could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – So much for snow and ice storms, both are extremely rare in Los Angeles. In contrast to the average January low of 38 in Richmond, the average January temperature in L.A. ranges from 59 to a downright balmy 73 degrees. In Los Angeles, you can look forward to mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine all year long!  Instead of rolling hills and the Blue Ridge Mountains, you will be surrounded by palm trees and the Pacific Coast.
  • Education – If you are moving from Richmond to L.A. with kids, you’ll be happy to know that the schools here are great! The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the second largest public school system in the country, serves a sizable student population in about 220 year-round schools and 440 schools on a traditional calendar. There are about 162 magnet schools for qualifying students, or you can choose from among numerous private schools. Richmond may be home to some of the oldest colleges and universities in the country, but three public universities and scores of private colleges are located in Los Angeles, including the American Film Institute Conservatory, Syracuse University (Los Angeles Campus), and University of Southern California (USC), to name a few.
  • Entertainment – Richmond offers a quiet charm and it’s own brand of entertainment. In Los Angles, however, it isn’t a question of what to do for entertainment; it’s a question of finding time to do it all! If the performing arts are your passion, then Los Angeles is the place for you. Where else can you choose from more than 1,000 theatrical productions every week and almost 1000 museums and art galleries? If you’d rather watch an exciting game of, well, anything, nearly every professional franchise has a team in Los Angeles from football to rugby. The outdoor enthusiast can alternate between enjoying the sun and surf of the nearby Pacific Ocean or hiking and biking in the nearby mountains. Downtown L.A. is teeming with restaurants, trendy boutiques, and of course, an active nightlife.
  • Economy – Few cities, including Richmond, can offer the magnitude of economic diversity and opportunity you will discover in Los Angeles. Whereas law and finance are the backbone of the Richmond economy, the economy in Los Angeles is driven by international trade, aerospace, technology, the petroleum industry, and of course, the entertainment industry. The city is a major manufacturing center and part of one of the busiest ports in the world. Several Fortune 500 companies call Los Angeles home, and scores of well-known companies are headquartered in the city. The University of Southern California (USC) is the city's largest private sector employer but other top employers include the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente, Fox Entertainment Group, Farmers Insurance Group, and Northrop Grumman. Getting to and from work will be easier than you think. The city’s excellent mass transit system means you may never drive in rush-hour traffic again!

Welcome to Fabulous Los Angeles!

Whether you’re moving from Richmond to Los Angeles for a new career opportunity or to explore an exciting new life on the West Coast, Los Angeles could be just the change you’re looking for!


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