Moving from Reno, NV to Phoenix, AZ

Life style changes when moving from Reno to Phoenix

If life has you making a move from Reno to Phoenix, you can expect to trade the “biggest little city” in for the fastest growing city in the nation.  You’ll leave behind a population of 220,500 for a residency of more than 1.4 million.  Your new home is surrounded in splendid natural beauty.  Phoenix is a place where the southwest is still alive and well and where the stars shine brightly in the large expanse of the sky.  You’ll find this beautiful region is set among complete urban sophistication.  Phoenix is full of great opportunities no matter what you’re looking for – careers, education, recreation, or relaxation.

Great reasons for moving from Reno to Phoenix include:

  1. Reno has long been known as an exciting tourist destination and has made great strides over the years to improve their tourist industry.  However, once you move from Reno to Phoenix, you’ll see this fast growing and moving city is full of its own tourist attractions like the Phoenix Zoo, the Desert Botanical Garden, a wide array of day spas, exquisite golf courses, ample biking and hiking at Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Mountain Reserve, and South Mountain Park and Reserve.  The city is full of unique boutiques and superb, authentic Southwestern cuisine.
  2. After traveling only 747 miles to arrive at your new destination, you’ll definitely be impressed with the many career options available by Phoenix’s strong economy.  As the state capital, many residents are employed by the government.  Many large companies are headquartered here like the Mesa Air Group, U.S. Airways, Best Western, PetSmart, Allied Waste, Avnet, and so many others.  There is also a large military influence here because of the presence of Luke Air Force Base. 
  3. Housing prices from Reno to Phoenix is relatively the same.  You’ll only see minor differences in the cost of buying and renting: Reno homes average $245,000 and rentals average $809, Phoenix homes average $243,000 and rentals average $867.  If you do make the decision to move from Reno to Phoenix, you’ll quickly note that the area is divided into 15 urban villages like Ahwatukee Foothills, Alhambra, and Encanto, and the local architecture here is actually quite eclectic with housing styles ranging from Ranch, Spanish Colonial, Pueblo, Bungalow, Tudor, and many more.
  4. Education opportunities are boundless in Phoenix, as well.  After you move from Reno to Phoenix, you’ll find that Arizona State University has a strong presence and is the main institute of higher learning within this wonderful community.  You can also find opportunities for education growth the Barrow Neurological Institute, the Grand Canyon University, Midwestern University, the Art Institute of Phoenix, among a list of many other great schools.

The truth on moving from Reno to Phoenix

Choosing to move from Reno to Phoenix is a good idea for the whole family.  This large metropolis has so much to offer each of its residents.  The endless brilliant sunshine, fantastic climate, and natural beauty make this area a great place to call home.  Take your time exploring the desert horizon, hiking the rugged mountains, golfing the day way, or shopping ‘til you drop.  No matter what you choose to do, we know you’ll see that this desert is a great place to play.

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