Moving from Raleigh, NC, to Chicago, IL

Are You Moving from Raleigh, NC, to Chicago, IL?

As charming and beautiful as Raleigh may be, a move to “the Windy City,” will place you in the center of a virtual whirlwind of cultural, economic, and social opportunities even Raleigh can’t provide! As the third largest city in the country and one of the most influential economies in the world, there is nothing Chicago does not offer, whether it’s top-notch schools, medical care, mass transit, or recreational activities that run the gamut from enjoying live theatre productions to sunbathing along the shores of Lake Michigan. Hold on to your hat, because moving to “the Windy City” is going to blow you way with all it has to offer!

What Can Chicago offer that Raleigh Can't?

The information below will help you realize why moving from Raleigh to Chicago could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – Chicago is known for its diversity and the weather is no exception. As in Raleigh, you will experience four distinct seasons. Summers are pleasant with temperatures averaging in the mid-70s. Winters, though a tad nippier and snowier than Raleigh, are quite sunny. Fall brings mild temperatures and the same colorful foliage you enjoy in Raleigh. The arrival of spring is heralded by an abundance of blooming flowers that make Chicago springs among the most beautiful in the nation!
  • Education – The Chicago Public Schools (CPS) oversees more than 400,000 students in a vast network of  more than 600 schools. Elementary schools operate under a selective enrollment system and are comprised of gifted centers and classical schools. At the high school level, students can choose from selective enrollment high schools, military academies, career academies, charter schools, and neighborhood magnet schools. For parents wishing to pursue private schools, no worries. You can choose from almost 400 schools. Like Raleigh, Chicago is home to some of the nation’s top research universities, with the University of Chicago; Northwestern University; Chicago State University; and Columbia College Chicago being just a few of the 80+ options practically at your doorstep!
  • Entertainment – Raleigh doesn’t come close to rivaling Chicago when it comes to culture, entertainment, and recreation. In Chicago, there are nearly 200 art galleries you can browse, more than 7,000 restaurants you can try, miles and miles of lakefront bicycle paths and beaches to explore, and more than 500 parks to enjoy. It won’t be long before you are drawn to the active nightlife and abundance of things to do along Chicago’s waterfront. If you love a parade, you’ll get a kick out of the 36 parades the city hosts each year! The annual Taste of Chicago summer festival held in famous Grant Park showcases food in the city, and there is plenty of food to enjoy in Chicago! Whether your passion is the arts, the outdoors, shopping, or sampling cuisines from around the world, there’s always an activity to suit your mood of the moment.
  • Economy – Raleigh may be a center for biotech and research, but Chicago is a center for, well, just about everything! When you move to Chicago, you will become part of the second largest labor pool in the country, which can only bode well for your career! Not only is Chicago a major world financial and retail center, but manufacturing, publishing, food processing, and health-care are also significant players in the city's economy. Chicago is also a worldwide convention and tourist destination. Whatever your area of expertise, there’s a career path for you in Chicago.

Welcome to Fabulous Chicago!

Whether you are moving from Raleigh to Chicago to explore a new career opportunity or life in a much bigger city, moving from Raleigh to Chicago is going to be most exciting move you’ve ever made!

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