Moving from Portland, OR to San Francisco, CA

Planning a move from the Rose City to the City by the Bay

Planning a move down the West Coast from Portland to San Francisco? See what to expect about living in your new city and learn how a “you pack, we drive” company like U-Pack® can help you move there.

Getting to know San Francisco

Here’s a couple of important things to know about moving to San Francisco:

Weather conditions. In Portland, you’ve gotten used to rainy days. The city gets about 40 inches of rainfall a year and you’re used to toting around a windbreaker or umbrella with you everywhere you go. In San Francisco, you can expect about half that much. The city averages about 27 inches of rain a year, and sees the sunshine nearly 260 days every year. It’s cooler than in Portland, too. San Fran doesn’t boast the warm, sunny climate like cities in Southern California. Instead, the city gets pretty mild weather all year, with most days in the summer sitting in the mid-60s. Winters are typically mild, as well, with lows hovering in the mid-40s. Keep that windbreaker handy when you move here, as the breeze off of the San Francisco Bay causes some pretty chilly winds all year. 

Arts and culture scene. If you enjoyed arts and culture in Portland, you’re in luck! San Francisco has lots to offer by way of their thriving vibrant arts, music and cultural scene. From the opera or ballet, to theater performances or concerts, art and history museums, San Francisco has something for everyone. 

Getting around. You’ll have no trouble getting around San Fran, either. Driving in the city is pretty easy, but parking is scarce. If you’re not bring a vehicle, don’t worry. The city has a variety of transportation options from ride-sharing services, taxi cabs, water taxis, cable cars and busses. 

How moving to San Francisco works with U-Pack®

Looking for an affordable alternative to full-service moving? Consider U-Pack! Through our network of service centers, we can easily move your household goods from Portland to San Francisco. With our self-moving service, all you have to do is pack, load and unload your things — we handle all the driving. Here’s how a U-Pack move works:

  • We deliver a moving trailer or container to your home in Portland.
  • You pack and load your things.
  • We drive the equipment to your new home in San Francisco.
  • You unload your things.
  • When you’re done, we pick up the equipment.

It’s that easy! And with our transit times of just 2-5 business days, we can offer a quick, affordable way to move! See how much your move to San Francisco will cost by getting a free quote online or calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077.