Moving from Portland, OR to New York, NY

Relocating from Portland to New York

You’ve called Portland home for quite some time and have grown to love the city’s natural beauty, the comfortable way of life and how easy it is to get around. But if it’s time to trade in the Rose City for the Big Apple, you’ll find that life in New York is an exciting change. Read on to learn about the city’s endless entertainment and employment options, see how to get around and discover the differences in cost of living and climate. 

What to expect about life in the Big Apple

There’s so much to look forward to about living in New York City. Here’s a glimpse about what to expect about life in The City that Never Sleeps:

Entertainment options

From the world-famous Broadway Theater district, to relaxing at Rockaway Beach, or enjoying one of the many museums, parks or music and comedy venues, New York City offers something for nearly everyone. 

Difference in weather

Portland and New York City are major metropolitan cities on the northern ends of the West and East Coasts respectively, but their climates are a bit different. Perhaps the biggest differences are in the amount of snow and rain that fall in each of the two cities. Portland gets much more rain, while New York City gets much more snow. Portland’s mild climate usually produces cool, cloudy and rainy winters and short, warm and dry summers. In New York City, summers are hot and humid with little rain chances. Though activity occurs in New York all year long, early July through late September tend to be the best times to venture out into the city, as the warm-weather activities are in full bloom. Winters in New York are cold and snowy. The city sees about 25 inches of snow a year. 

Cost of living comparison

Overall, living in New York is more expensive than in New York, but the biggest factor in that is the cost for housing. Typical cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in New York is about $3,000, compared to about $1,500 in Portland. An average home in New York sells for about $662,000, compared to about $427,500 in Portland. Average bills for groceries, utilities and health care are also a bit more expensive in New York.

Employment opportunities

New York City is a global financial center and there are a number of jobs in baking, finance and communication. The medical and manufacturing fields also provide jobs for New Yorkers, as do those in warehousing and fulfillment, IT, public services, local and federal government and retail.  

Getting around

Driving in New York City is tricky. If you’re bringing a personal vehicle, you’ll want to factor in the cost of parking into your budget. For example, if you’re moving into an apartment that doesn’t have a parking garage, you’ll have to find a nearby long-term parking option. If you’re moving into a home or condominium in New York City that allows for parking on the street, you’ll need to be aware of local regulations so your vehicle doesn’t get towed. If you’re not bringing a vehicle, don’t fret. A lot of New Yorkers get around the city using public transportation. There are plenty of options for public transit, either by subway, bus, cabs or ride-sharing programs. New Yorkers also get around on foot or by bicycle. 

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