Moving from Portland, OR to New York, NY

Are you ready for life on the world’s biggest stage? 

New York is arguably the most famous city in the world. With its rich history and larger-than-life reputation, NYC is a beacon of opportunity that draws people from around the globe. Taking a bite out of the Big Apple is no small feat, especially coming from a much more laid-back city on the opposite coast. But while Portland and NYC are clearly different, the two share some similarities. Read on to see how they compare and discover the easiest, most affordable way to relocate from the Rose City to NYC. 

Something good is always brewing 

Portlanders and New Yorkers love a good cup of joe. In fact, both Portland (2021) and New York (2018) topped the WalletHub list of Best Coffee Cities in America. So, if you’re missing your favorite Stumptown brew back in Portland, it shouldn’t be hard to find a new go-to in The City that Never Sleeps. 

So many people, so little space 

While Portland packs quite a few people into a fairly small area, New York City takes population density to a whole new level. NYC has 8.2 million residents, making it by far the most populous American city (more than double the population of second-ranked Los Angeles). There are 28,000 people per square mile living within the boundaries of New York City, compared to about 5,000 per square mile in Portland.  

Brace yourself for premium prices 

For various reasons, about 70 percent of New York City residents rent their living spaces. And while Portland’s housing prices are steadily rising, they remain no match for NYC. If you’re paying $1,600 per month for a one-bedroom apartment in Portland, expect the cost to exceed $4,000 in New York City. 

Interested in buying a home? They’re going for $2.4 million in Manhattan these days. To save on housing costs, some opt for neighboring communities in New Jersey, Connecticut or on Long Island. 

There’s more than just tall buildings 

If you enjoy Portland’s massive urban parks and plentiful trails, you may find New York City’s green space is surprisingly comparable. More than 1,700 parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities — highlighted by Central Park and the High Line — stretch across New York’s five boroughs.  

Get familiar with public transportation 

Portland’s robust public transit network and bike-friendly setup should translate well as you adapt to life in New York City. Driving in NYC is tedious (the average commute is 37 minutes) and parking is limited and expensive. The majority of residents rely on public transportation. More than two dozen subway lines serve all five boroughs, along with dozens of bus routes. Walking, taxis and rideshare services fill the gaps. 

Work your way to the top 

Career aspirations commonly draw people to New York City. Along with being the financial and publishing capital of the U.S., many Fortune 500 companies are headquartered or have offices there. But keep in mind that the higher incomes are often offset by the high cost of living and wage gap created from the city’s wide variety of industries. 

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