Moving from Portland, OR to Las Vegas, NV

Find peace and community in a sea of neon lights 

Take a peek behind the shiny exterior of Las Vegas and you’ll find a thriving, family-friendly city of 662,000 people who just happen to live in one of America’s favorite playgrounds. If you’re looking to leave Portland and join them, it helps to know what to expect. Learn more about Vegas beyond The Strip and discover your best bet for an easy, affordable long-distance move. 

Get comfortable with the heat 

You often hear the expression “but it’s a DRY heat” to describe Las Vegas, and it’s true — part of the tradeoff for 300-plus sunny days each year. However, triple-digit temperatures without the humidity does feel more tolerable. Vegas winters are also more pleasant than you might expect, with daytime highs averaging in the 60s and nights dipping into the 50s. The temperature will occasionally approach freezing, but it rarely snows. 

The desert has its own vibe 

Although The Strip is bursting at the seams with cool stuff to do, locals tend to avoid Las Vegas’ 4-mile-long tourist mecca as much as possible. Areas like Downtown, Summerlin and Town Square have plenty of high-quality, less-crowded options to explore and enjoy. Craving a dose of Portland’s quirkiness? Check out the Downtown Container Park, an open-air shopping, dining and entertainment complex built out of shipping containers. 

Missing the urban parks in Portland and the proximity to Mount Hood? Get to know your new backyard! Hike and explore just minutes outside of town at Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Enjoy water sports at Lake Mead or ski just 30 minutes away at Mt. Charleston. Check out Hoover Dam (40 minutes away) and for even more epic views, the Grand Canyon is only a two-hour drive. 

Gridlock can be a challenge 

Unless you’re exploring The Strip and Downtown, you’ll pretty much need a car in Las Vegas. The city is spread out — it takes about 40 minutes to cover it end to end — and it doesn’t have the public transportation infrastructure that Portland does. Traffic congestion is the worst on The Strip and at the “spaghetti bowl” interchange, where Interstate 15 intersects with U.S. Route 95. 

Pro tip: Invest in a windshield sunshade to keep your car’s interior cool while parked. 

Vegas is less expensive than Portland 

With no state income tax and property tax rates among the lowest in the U.S., Las Vegas is the most tax-friendly major city in America, according to a CNBC study. In comparison, Portland is one of the country’s highest-taxed cities. 

Housing is also significantly less expensive in Las Vegas, with a median home cost of $273,000 vs. $420,000 in Portland. Factoring in other necessary expenses (such as groceries, health care, utilities and transportation), you can expect about a 15 percent overall cost of living reduction in Las Vegas. 

It’s a job-seeker’s market 

For those wanting a career shift or a new direction, few cities can top Las Vegas for its variety of employment options. Tourism and gaming are the top sectors, as you would expect. There are more than 50 casinos on and around The Strip and more than 4,000 restaurants throughout the city. Las Vegas is also becoming an increasingly popular location for start-ups and technology professionals. Other major employers include the Clark County School District and the Clark County government. 

Did you know: The University of Nevada-Las Vegas has a world-renowned Hospitality and Leisure Management program. 

Start your new life in Sin City with U-Pack 

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