Moving from Portland, OR to Boise, ID

From Roses to Trees: Planting Roots in Boise

You’ve done your share to help “Keep Portland Weird,” as the unofficial city motto states. And it’s been an unforgettable experience. Now, you’ve shifted your focus to a new destination — Boise. Idaho’s state capital is one-third the size of Portland and is widely considered to be the perfect blend of urban and rural living. Read on to learn more about the City of Trees, and discover an easy, affordable way to move there.

A Haven for Nature Lovers

Boise gets 43 percent more sunny days than Portland each year. This makes it easier to get out and the stunning Treasure Valley. Residents enjoy hiking and biking along 180 miles of interconnected trails, whitewater rafting and camping. With fewer extreme summer and winter temperatures, Boise doesn’t get much snow. But if you’re eager for some powder, skiing and snowboarding opportunities are just 25 minutes away.

Safe and Family-Friendly

It’s easier to enjoy life with fewer worries, and Boise residents fall into this category. A series of recent polls rated Boise:

The city also encourages generosity and caring with its Boise Kind initiative.

Celebrate Culture and Creativity

Like Portland, Boise emphasizes culture and creativity. Some of Boise’s top annual attractions include the Gene Harris Jazz Festival and 208 Comedy Fest. Various theater groups perform regularly. If you enjoy Portland’s thriving beer scene, Boise will keep you hopping as well. Download the Boise Ale Trail, a free smartphone app that encourages residents to try new breweries by checking in and earning prizes! And bask in the Basque Block, the only place in the western hemisphere dedicated to preserving the history of the Basque people (from the Pyrenees region of southern France and northern Spain). This small area in Boise includes two restaurants, a couple of cultural centers and some local businesses.

Boise Is Less Expensive Than Portland

How much less? About 34 percent. Average home prices in Boise are about $150,000 below Portland while the average rent is nearly $150 per month. Portland has no sales tax, and Boise traditionally has had low taxes.

Moving to Boise With U-Pack

The beautiful seven-hour drive from Portland to Boise is even nicer when you don’t have to worry about hauling your stuff! U-Pack specializes in long-distance moving. All you do is pack, load and unload, and we’ll handle the driving. And we can deliver fast transit times through a nationwide network of service centers. Get a free online quote or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to see how much your move will cost.