Moving from Portland, OR to Austin, TX

Thinking about moving from Portland, OR to Austin, TX?

Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon are very close to one another. Outside of being in drastically different areas of the country, they are both progressive, liberal cities that have a very hip vibe. What Portland lacks, though, is the central location of Austin. If you’re looking for a city that will give you all the flavor of Portland, but in a place that puts you in the middle of this grand nation, then Austin is the place for you.

What is the weather and geography of Austin?

Austin is not Portland. The temperatures and geography are probably the best highlights of the city. First of all, Portland is located in Oregon, one of the northern-most states in the union. It is also positioned close to our western edge. By contrast, Austin is located in almost the dead center of the United States laterally, and in the precise center of its respective state. While Portland is a pretty city, it does not offer quite the lush atmosphere of Austin, which is bordered on one side by the Colorado Rvier and on the other by the 780 foot Mount Bonnell. Portland is no stranger to rain, and Austin certainly has its fair share of precipitation, with about 30 inches falling each year. Being a more southern state, snow is rarely a concern in Austin. The winters are mild and agreeable.

While Portland has a fairly mild climate in contrast to other northern cities, it is no comparison for the beautiful temperatures in an Austin December. Texas’ famed warmth adorns the summer months, allowing residents to get out of the often over-cast sky of Portland and into the tanning, renewing rays of sunshine in Austin. With colorful autumns and refreshing springs, there’s no better place to live for weather than Austin, Texas.

So why exactly is Austin weird?

You can’t talk about Austin without addressing its famed “Keep Austin Weird” slogan. Not unlike Portland, it is one of the more open-minded cities in the country, and it is certainly far more liberal than other towns in the southern United States. Austin would actually seem to be a close relative of the social and political vibe of a West Coast town more than that of a mid-sized Texas city. You get open minds with Southern charm. For left-wing voters, Austin is a safe haven in its region. In addition, Austin is well-known for being technologically advanced, environmentally friendly and socially progressive.

It is a hot bed for many of the most famous actors in the world, such as Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong.

Music plays a strong role in the culture of Austin, as well, with the longest running live music television program being based in the town: Austin City Limits. The music festival Batfest is also hosted here, as well as many other themed, popular music festivals and events the entire year round. Why else would a legend like Willie Nelson call the city home?

For movie lovers, there isn’t another place in Texas that has quite as much activity. Many films have been shot in the area, including the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Miss Congeniality.” Perhaps not surprisingly, the renowned University of Texas has one of the leading film programs.

The "Keep Austin Weird" goes much farther into the town’s cultural heritage than just politics, music and movies, however, it also refers to some rather odd qualities about the city itself. For instance, about 1.5 million bats live directly under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge.

What is Austin economy like?

Austin has a thriving economy, as well. While Portland might be a great place to make a financial future, there’s so much going on in Austin it can boggle the mind. Forbes Magazine, for instance, has called it one of the “Best Places for Business and Careers.” Many companies have recognized this fact, with Amazon, Xerox, Google, eBay and Dell all being based in Austin. It’s easy to see why so many Internet and technological companies find their way in the city, since many of the top engineering and computer science students are produced from the University of Texas.

In keeping with the “green” elements of the city, the national grocery chain, Whole Foods Markets, was founded and has its base in the town. Whole Foods specializes in natural products, with an emphasis on organic and fresh foods.

It’s clear that there are many job opportunities for people moving to Austin from Portland.

Making the move to Austin, TX

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