Moving from Portland, OR, to Anchorage, AK

Making a home in the Frontier State

Moving over 2,400 miles from Portland, OR, to Anchorage, AK, is the start of a great adventure in the Frontier State. From climate to wildlife to career opportunities, there are multiple things to discover in your new city. Both cities are the most populous in their states, but the Anchorage population of just over 291,000 is roughly half the size of Portland (nearly 653,000). Comparing metro areas highlights the difference even more since the Anchorage metro is under 400,000 compared to 2.5 million residents in the Portland metro. 

Bundle up for Anchorage

It probably comes as no surprise that the climate in Alaska is colder than Oregon. Alaska temperatures typically vary between 9 and 67 degrees, while Oregon usually stays between 36 and 81 degrees. In addition to the colder winter weather in Anchorage, you can expect less daylight and a lot more snowfall — an average of 79 inches per year, compared to only 3 inches in Portland. 

Anchorage summers are brighter, milder and drier, with 17 inches of rain annually compared to 43 in Portland. Due to the long daylight hours during the summer, many Anchorage residents use blackout blinds or curtains to help with sleep. 

Wildlife sightings and outdoor life

If you enjoyed outdoor living in Oregon, you’ll find plenty to explore in your new home. Anchorage is near a plethora of parks and wildlife reserves, including the Alaska Botanical Garden, Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center and Flattop Mountain Recreation Area — the state’s most visited peak.  

It’s also not uncommon to encounter wildlife like bears and moose around the city, so stay aware of your surroundings during year-round outdoor activities! 

Career opportunities in Anchorage

Anchorage has a healthy job market with unemployment rates below the national average and higher average annual salaries. The city is Alaska’s commercial and industrial hub. Top employment opportunities include air transportation, government, health care, hospitality and the oil industry. 

There is also a strong military presence in Anchorage because it’s the site of Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson for the U.S. Air Force and Army. 

Move to Alaska with U-Pack

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