Moving from Philadelphia, PA to San Francisco, CA

Moving from Philadelphia, PA to San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is one of the most popular cities to visit in the world and for good reason. With its cool weather, fast-paced lifestyle and ocean views, it is one of the most exciting places to live in the United States. For people from Philadelphia who are considering jumping to the other coast, San Francisco should be one of the top cities to consider. This article will help you understand just why moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco is the perfect move for you!

Welcome to sunny San Fran!

Perhaps the most appealing draw of moving from Philadelphia to San Francisco is the remarkably consistent and all-together great weather it provides. There is really no other place like it on Earth. The highs in the city usually top out in September at 71 degrees, while the winters have highs that bottom out at 57 degrees. For those who are seeking climates that don't have much variation, San Francisco is the place for you (as compared to Philadelphia’s frequently shifting weather from warm and humid to frigid).

San Francisco has spectacular views of the ocean and is often draped in a layer of fog. Not surprisingly, it is a popular center for artistic types. While a little over 20 inches of rain occurs annually, snow is hardly ever seen. There have only been 10 measurable acclamations of snow reported since 1852. Interestingly, precipitation and temperature can vary greatly on the same day by just going a couple miles in another direction in the city. But, on the whole, San Francisco boasts a cool, consistent climate.

What San Francisco like and how big is it?

San Francisco is a great place for people who love a city atmosphere. There are a little over 17,000 people per square mile and the total population of approximately 800,000 is contained in the city limits. This is literally half of the crowded population of Philadelphia, which is almost 2 million. This population is also very diverse, with significant percentages of Anglo-Saxon, African American, Asian, Hispanic and other races represented within the city. Unique to the city, there are a large number of Chinese Americans in San Francisco. The city's Chinatown District is one of its most popular attractions. San Francisco is also a mature city, with a median age of around 38 years old.

Tell me about the education system in San Fran

San Francisco is one of the smartest cities in America! In fact, 44 percent of citizens hold a college degree, making the city second in the country in the college degree category.

San Francisco is served by the San Francisco Unified School District. The State of Board of Education also assists in running several charter schools. Unlike the national average of 10 percent, around 30 percent of students in San Francisco attend one of the many private school options in the city. There are over 100 available.

Meanwhile, there are many higher education options, as well. The University of California - San Francisco is famous for being entirely dedicated to health and biomedical sciences. San Francisco State University educates around 30,000 students in over 100 disciplines. The City College of San Francisco is also available for those seeking two-year degrees and ranks as one of the largest community colleges in the nation. The Academy of Art is the largest institute of its kind in the United States with approximately 13,000 students. The oldest art school, the San Francisco Art Institute, is also located in the city.

Entertainment in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most happening cities in the United States. With such world-famous districts as Union Square, Fisherman's Warf and the Financial District housed within the city, there is no shortage of things to do in the Golden Gate City. Whether you're looking for a Broadway show, an art house play, a concert or an opera, San Francisco's got you covered. Over 600,000 visitors each year stop in the San Francisco Museum of Art. If you are accustomed to the artistic atmosphere boasted by Philadelphia, you will not be disappointed!

The city also has two of the most talked about professional sports in the nation, with football being represented by the San Francisco 49ers and Major League Baseball's Giants calling the city "home."

Fans of hiking can a catch a short ride across the bay to many different trails, as well as the scenic Muir Woods. The notorious Alcatraz Prison is also one of the most attended attractions in the world.

What makes San Francisco tick?

Tourism is the bread and butter of San Francisco's economy. There are many hotels within the city, and it is one of the primary destinations in the world for conventions and conferences. Banking and finance also has a strong presence in the city, which is a direct result of the famous California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s.

Small businesses and start-up companies make up around 85 percent of businesses in the city, making it a great place for those dreaming of owning their own business. The city has ties to technology and biomedical fields, as well.

Outside of the city government, the University of California - San Francisco is the largest employer in town. Wells Fargo is the largest employer in the private business sector.

Ready to move to San Fran?

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