Moving from Philadelphia, PA to Las Vegas, NV

So you’re thinking about moving from Philadelphia, PA to Las Vegas, NV?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of the most important, historic cities in the United States. Its history is synonymous with the country itself. While it is exciting to live a town that’s cultural feet include being the place where Rocky ran up the steps on his way to the match of the century against Apollo Creed, Philadelphia isn’t necessarily the ideal place for you to live. Way across the country there is another famed city that demands your attention. Many people know Las Vegas as primarily a tourist attraction. While that certainly plays a large part in the city’s vibe, Las Vegas should also be known as a great place to call home. This article will help you see why you might want to considering moving to Las Vegas from Philadelphia.

What is the weather like in Las Vegas?

To say that the weather in Philadelphia and Las Vegas is different would be an understatement. The cities’ climates couldn’t be more different, in fact. Philadelphia is oftentimes bitterly cold, with winters that are extremely harsh with treacherous amounts of snowfall. In addition, residents are forced to endure summers that are full of humid heat.

Las Vegas, by contrast, offers a surprisingly agreeable climate. When people think of the desert, they think of heat. Las Vegas’ desert heat, though, isn’t anything compared to a stifling Philadelphia summer. Las Vegas has a dry heat, and the dry heat never feels nearly as warm as it actually is. The city also manages to stay warm during the winter time, making short sleeves the norm all year long. There is an average of only 16 nights each year that temperatures fall below freezing. Las Vegas also rarely receives rain and enjoys around 300 sunny days annually.

If you’re looking for the bright, sunny and warm alternative to Philadelphia, Las Vegas is certainly the kind of place you’re looking for.

Las Vegas - from Small Town to Big City

Though it is hard to remember it now, for many years Las Vegas was a closely guarded secret in the nation. Its reputation as a small place to go gambling and get married exploded slowly starting in the 1950s. This is largely due to the popularity of such films as Ocean’s Eleven (the original 1960 version) and Viva Las Vegas. The city was the fastest growing during the 1960s, and between 1950 to 2000, the population blew up from 25,000 to close to 600,000 people. So what’s the secret to Las Vegas’ impressive growth? The benefits of the incredible weather and economy have become increasingly more apparent as the years have gone on. This is something that you will soon be discovering, as well.

What are the entertainment and economy like in Las Vegas?

It really does all come down to the entertainment and economy in Las Vegas, and it is very hard to separate the city from both. The entertainment is the driving force behind the economy of Las Vegas. One does not exist without the other. As a tourist hot spot, there’s really no limit to the economic ventures available in the city.

Famously, gambling is legal in Las Vegas, one of the few areas in the country where this is the case. The large number of casino resorts is due to this fact. This also leads to a number of conferences and conventions being held in the city, since many of the hotels have some of the most state of the art convention facilities. The high visitor traffic leads to a number of other types of businesses thriving, most especially the restaurant sector. Hotels and restaurants are really the driving force behind the Las Vegas economy.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that many of the top performance acts consider Las Vegas to be a central destination. Many famous people have taken residence with shows in the city, from Tom Jones to Celine Dion to Britney Spears. There are also popular acts in the town like Cirque de Soleil and the Blue Man Group. Various Broadway shows also make their way through Vegas, with Jersey Boys having recently become a permanent resident of the town. Culture also extends to other performance arts, as well. The Smith Center for the Performing Arts hosts a number of events, including performances for the town’s ballet company.

The entertainment doesn’t stop with the shows, either. Las Vegas also boasts many parks, a zoo with more than 150 different species, and an art festival called “First Friday,” which appropriately happens on the first Friday of every month. If you’re interested in structural feats, you’ll want to make sure you check out the world famous Hoover Dam, as well. There’s really no end to what you can do in Vegas.

How will you get to Las Vegas?

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Welcome to sunny Las Vegas, NV!

With such a great economy, beautiful weather and an up-and-coming vibe, Las Vegas welcomes you.

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