Moving from Philadelphia, PA to Austin, TX

Moving from Philadelphia, PA to Austin, TX
As you prepare to say goodbye to historic Philadelphia, you will find a diverse and welcoming atmosphere in Austin, Texas. The population is equivalent to that of Philly, and as the capital of Texas and a busy college town, there is always something going on. Austin ranks as one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in the United States, and the area is sure to continue to attract more people to flock to the Southwest. The city is well-known for its popular music-scene and other cultural activities that involve art and film.

If you’re still house-hunting, there is a huge range of different types of neighborhoods that you could call home—historic Victorian homes, 1950s cottages, modern homes, houses on the lake, or a condo downtown.

Driving from Philadelphia to Austin:
The drive from Philadelphia to Austin is around 1,660 miles, equivalent to one day and 3 hours on the road non-stop, passing through Virginia, Tennessee, and Arkansas before entering Texas. If you’ve never visited Roanoke, Virginia, you’ll be passing by and should plan on stopping. Maybe an historic Bed & Breakfast will be both refreshing and educational, especially if you take the time to visit the Booker T. Washington National Monument or the Civil War battlefields. Nashville, Tennessee marks the halfway point, at about a 13.5 hour drive from Philly – another great place to experience live music for comparison to Austin. Next, you’ll pass through Memphis, Little Rock, and Dallas before reaching Austin – almost 14 hours from Nashville.

The weather in Austin
No need for heavy winter coats and snow boots in Austin, Texas. Expect hot, humid summers, and mild winters. Rain boots will come in handy during the spring, but you are more likely to experience ice rather than snow. Considering that the southern climate will be much milder than the northeast, you should expand your summer wardrobe and maybe include a few new bathing suits because there are several lakes in the area.

Like Philadelphia, Austin offers several transportation options to get you where you around the city. Take either the MetroBus or MetroRail for $1. Parking Pay Stations and meters are placed around the city to make parking easy. You may miss the trolleys in Philly, but the Downtown area is especially pedestrian-friendly. The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is located southeast of the city and ranks among the top five airports in the country.

Education in Austin
Although Austin’s education system is much smaller than Philadelphia’s, Austin’s Independent School District serves approximately 86,000 students and is included as one of the top literate cities in the nation. Six of Austin’s high schools were named among America’s best high schools. The University of Texas at Austin is a major draw to the area, and it continues to grow. Top rankings for affordable and quality education contributes to the university’s appeal to new and returning students. While Philadelphia is obviously a much older city, rich in American history, Texas has its own unique history that contributes to the vast story of the development of the nation. There are lots of cultural centers, museums, and historical resources to help learn about the area’s history.

Food & Entertainment in Austin
You might miss the authentic Philly cheesesteak, but Austin has its own unique flavors. Much closer to the Mexican border, prepare for genuine Mexican cuisine, TexMex, and a variety of BBQ. Torchy’s Tacos is a very popular restaurant with several locations around the city. Also try Polvo’s, Taqueria Aranda, Changos Taqueria, and Franklin Barbecue

Known as the “Live Music Capital of the World,” several annual music festivals are held throughout the year and there are plenty of live music venues in the city so you can find something playing just about any time. While it may not be anything like Fairmont Park, Zilker Metropolitan Park is a 351-acre park that provides activities such as hiking, biking, picnicking, golf, volleyball, and swimming. It’s also home to Zilker Botanical Gardens, Austin Nature and Science Center, Zilker Hillside Theatre, and the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum. The annual Kite Festival is a great family event to plan for spring.

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